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What Thread Count is Best for Bed Sheets?

The Ultimate Thread Count

From 300 to 800 thread count, bedsheets are considered supreme in quality. Similarly, the more thread counts there are, the smoother the bedsheet. Also, some luxurious ones are even above a thousand! However, it depends upon the fabric thread they choose. If the fabric is cotton, even a 600 thread count is perfect. It sounds confusing when you come to overthink it. Here are some reasons what thread count can mean.

Cotton Fabric Used in 5-Star Hotels

Comfortable Style for Your room

Hotels use organic cotton with 300 thread count to make the bed sheet cool for ventilation and breathable to rest upon. They mostly prefer Egyptian cotton for this purpose. It is not as cheap as synthetic microfibers and other fabrics, but thread count matters in this regard. It gives texture to the bedsheet. Hotels provide a more comfortable experience rather than only luxury; hence Egyptian and Turkish cotton are over the finest of cotton blends.

Fewer Chemicals but Higher Finishing

Less than 500 thread count bed sheets are not worse or unreliable at all. Thread count has numerous measuring factors of its own. Today, luxury is getting quite common, and supreme luxury is getting unaffordable! If you are purchasing a bedsheet with a neat hand finishing of even 300 thread count, you are investing in a good bedsheet because of the smooth finish. Thread count only makes the price range a little higher, and the bedsheet feels a little less stiffened.

Does More Thread Count Makes the Fabric Durable

Yes! More thread count refers to a stronger and more durable bed sheet. It alternatively lets you save it for a few extra years without wearing out or thinning the fabric. Make sure to research some bed sheet fabrics before you judge brands based on the thread count and flexibility of the bedsheet. For some brands, comfort and luxury are different terms. Perhaps less thread count bedsheets make nicer bedding for you than the ones with more thread counts.

Does Thread Count Affect My Sleep?

Excessive thread count in your bed sheet does not mean the greatest bedsheet ever invented! It simply means that thread count adds more life to it by strengthening the bonds between the threads. Too tight thread count can suffocate your skin and make you sweat at night too. Most people are unaware of this problem when they sleep. Some bedsheets suit the specific change of seasons. High thread counts will bond threads tight and stretch the cloth. Bedsheets that have a mellow and subtle texture always contain more than 600 thread count for a fine experience. You can purchase high thread count bed sheets for guest rooms and lesser count for your regular sleep. You need airflow in your sheets to help you sleep well.

The Bottom Line

Once you select the fabric for your bedding, you must choose your bedsheets, bed covers, duvet protectors and quilt covers accordingly. You must keep a few things in mind if you are selecting your sheets based on thread count. Number one is to research well before you go shopping, and another is to keep different factors of bedsheets in your mind before you make a final decision. Many bedsheets of less popular brands and boutiques are stiff and strong due to maximum thread count, and sometimes, luxurious brands offer the thinnest bedsheets with lesser thread count. Ignore the price tag and simply go for the fabric that suits your bedding and sleep.

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