A Trend For Basics: Fashion Essentials For Ber Months

A Trend For Basics: Fashion Essentials For Ber Months

A trend may not linger for a long time in the fashion industry but it can leave an impact that can eventually return over time. Hence, the basics are here to stay!

Being amped-up for the Ber months, (and upcoming holidays) is like a treat for the fashionistas. With a lot of deals and sales from different brands. Party tops and platform sandals are fit for a “revenge” shopping spree, but no matter how ready you are to have fun with fashion, solid wardrobe essentials are forever. That’s why the concept of a capsule wardrobe is so enduring: Outfits built on a streamlined selection of items make day-to-day dressing infinitely easier.

Plain white t-shirts, versatile shoes, and good outerwear are some of the obvious places to start, but we’re emerging this ber-y chill month with a refreshed set of priorities— and comfort that doesn’t sacrifice statement-making style is at the forefront. 

Now, here are pieces of garment that are helpful for any type of weather this ber-month:


Calling all the sneaker-heads out there… This is your time to shine! Having a wide range of comfortable shoes never hurts, especially when running errands. Indulge your sole with a fashionable staple that would not go out of style. 

If you opt for the classic white slips for a subtle style, go for it. There’s a reason classic white sneakers are a wardrobe staple — they go well with any outfit and they will never go out of style. You can wear them with jeans, trousers, and even dresses and you will still end up with a rocking outfit. 

White sneakers also come in a range of designs: chunky, minimalist, and gold-accented ones so they can suit any style you want to go for to fit your personality. These pairs are so versatile you’ll regret it if you don’t have one already!



Knitwear might seem like another garment that looks impractical and inconvenient to wear for tropical places. But during the rainy season and ber months (a wise reason to pull this garment), you can sport knitwear all you want from head to toe. 

Knitted clothes are comfortable, easy to wear, and can keep you warm on chilly days. It doesn’t matter which color you pick; as long as you feel comfortable and confident, you can don your knits without any limits. To top that off, it’s also easy to match with almost every clothing piece in your wardrobe. So, not only does it keep you warm and cozy, but it’s also flexible enough to be paired with anything.


A Pair of Jeans

A pair of good jeans is something you can wear at any time of the year and for many, for all occasions too. Jeans are a popular choice for OOTDs because not only are they comfortable to wear but they are flexible enough to be worn with almost every other fashion piece. From formal blouses to leather jackets, jeans are a good and easy option to make your outfits look laid back.

An important thing to consider for jeans today is the cut. The past years have become a time for people to become more adventurous with jeans and different styles are now widely available for you to play with. Mom jeans, boyfriend jeans, straight-cut jeans, and wide-leg jeans are some of the more relaxed fits that are best suited for times where you want to be cozy. These cuts are not only some of the most comfortable ones to wear but they can also give an illusion of a longer and slimmer body.



Starting to feel the cold touch of air that flows all over your body wherever you go? Then it’s the start of the Christmas season. The cold breeze will make you feel better and comfortable in your surroundings, so it’s the perfect time to get out and make the best of it.

If you choose to wear the cowboy hat, which is very elaborate at times, you can do so with the right styling. You can complete the look with a leather vest and pointed boots for a ranch-ready OOTD. Also, try sporting the artsy aesthetic by choosing a beret hat or the ever-classy golfer’s flat cap. Finally, you can opt for a cool and classy vibe with a fedora. 


Statement Accessories

Accessories are probably some of the fashion items that never go out of style. Vintage pieces of jewelry remain classy and are a great way to flaunt some of the heirlooms your family treasures. And while keeping it classy with jewelry is a great path to being fashionable, you can also incorporate other items to complete your overall looks such as bags, belts, and sunglasses.

With a toned-down top-to-bottom outfit, a striking accessory can do the work of elevating your look effortlessly – just remember to choose the right ones. Make sure that the color palette for your look is coherent so that you will look more put together. Making the hardware match for all your accessories is also an important yet very overlooked fashion tip. Accessories, however, can easily make or break an outfit, so always remember to never over-accessorize.


Key Takeaway

The holiday season is coming and we’re diving headfirst to look fresh and ready despite everything the circumstances the world is facing. The way you look and present yourself can be an instant mood-booster for you so it should be normal to start caring more about your OOTD. 

We always feel giddy about the upcoming Ber months and we’re channeling the same energy into your clothing. The cool mist, foggy weather, and autumn-like vibe instantly make everyone dress up in a dapper, laid-back manner that is fashionably comfortable. From sneakers to hats, you can add must-have pieces to your wardrobe to keep you stylish and ready for any occasion.

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