10 reasons to choose Magento 2 for your e-commerce

Magento 2 is the new version of the  most widely use ecommerce platform worldwide for creating. When choosing an e-commerce platform there are many internal considerations online stores. In today’s post, we tell you what are the main factors to bet on Magento 2 as a pillar of your e-commerce strategy.

that we must take into account. If we know our needs well, it is easier to select the basis of our Internet business and create a development plan for the future of our online business.

But in addition to the circumstances of the company, there are other external factors that it is convenient to assess. Let’s see why Magento  is one of the best platforms for our online store.


Factors to choose Magento 2 in our online business



The structure of Magento stores is design from the beginning for a good search engine positioning . In addition to being able to control the SEO of our catalog, several tools are include to obtain traffic from the beginning. In addition, there are several free modules that extend the functions of Magento to be able to do professional SEO work.



Magento 2 has a ” responsive ” design from its installation, so we can start selling to any type of device from the first minute. The pages of the Magento stores are adapt to the screens of the PC, a tablet or a mobile phone, following the best design practices in force today. In addition to the designs includ in Magento, there are a large number of themes create by third parties with which to give our ecommerce a different style.



One of the best features of Magento is that it is very well prepare to meet both the needs of a business that is just starting, as well as those of a large company. Apart from the internal functions, the community of programmers around it guarantees that the internationalization to new markets or the growth of our store is more agile and effective than in other ecommerce platforms.



Magento includes security elements such as permissions and access with different levels and users. Frequent updates are also release to ensure safe e-commerce. The platform facilitates compliance with the  PCI Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) requirements  that are require of merchants who handle credit card data. Several recent modules also make it possible to  adapt the store to the requirements of the new RGPD  on the security of customer data.



Magento includes a complete content manager (CMS) that you can use to edit the appearance of your pages. The editor is fully visual, so you can see the final appearance of the page before publishing. The new version has the ability to add videos from YouTube.



From day one, Magento was ready to integrate with third-party tools and services. Connecting our stores to PayPal, Google Analytics or Google Shopping, Mailchimp or Amazon was a simple task thanks to the existing modules. Most of the most common ERP software, such as SAP Business One, can be connected to Magento, enabling the integration of e-commerce channels into normal company processes. With a full API, it is quite affordable to create custom developments to connect Magento with other less common platforms.

Filters and searches

Customer navigation through the store’s product catalog can be created using feature filters and categories . The goal is for customers to find the product they want to buy, so a good catalog structure is necessary to facilitate this task. Although Magento has a very complete search function, we can improve it for very large catalogs with a lot of information or to get more visual search results for the client.


Purchase processes

The shopping cart in Magento 2 allows you to add items while still viewing the catalog, making it easier to add more than one product. The final purchase form has been improved to reduce the steps required and make it easier for the customer.



Although it is often said that Magento requires a powerful server, the needs are not so great in the latest versions and performance and loading speed have been greatly improved . In addition, these requirements are justified by its ability to manage catalogs with thousands of products with hundreds of orders per hour. Magento is a robust platform that offers the security of being able to grow with our business when the time comes.


Open source

Magento has an open source edition that  allows access to the source code of the application . We can modify and extend this code to  adapt it to the specific needs of our ecommerce . The open source license makes it easy for the Magento developer community to contribute bug fixes or improvements to the application. In short, with Magento we can have full control of the online store simply by taking a look at the code.

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