What Type of Sheets Do 5-Star Hotels Use?

What Type of Sheets Do 5-Star Hotels Use?

Hotel sheets play a significant role in guest comfort and when staying at high-end hotels; guests only expect the best in terms of quality. That is why, 5-star hotels need to find the best bed sheets, that provide quality and value to their guestrooms. What kind of sheets do hotels use depends on their hotel requirement and budget, but 5-star hotels only focus on bedsheets that are exclusively luxury. What type of sheets do 5-star hotels use are available for purchase from the leading hotel manufacturers and distributors such as DZEE Textiles. There are various reasons how you determine which bedsheets are the best bed sheets in the market and would be the right choice for your hotel property.

What Kind of Sheets Do Hotels Use?

Here are some of the factors that are common between the luxury hotel bedsheets.

1.Pure Cotton Material

The best bed sheets available in the market for 5-star hotels are manufactured using 100% cotton material; it is usually long-staple and combed cotton material. Cotton is a natural fiber which is very soft and with the right technology the bedsheets are durable and long-lasting. Guests are going to be sleeping on those bedsheets and that is why; when it comes to determining what type of sheets do 5-star hotels use they usually opt for the cotton material bedsheets.

You will have different cotton material options such as Egyptian cotton or some other cotton. What you need to actually focus on for the best bed sheets for your hotel is that they are manufactured using only cotton material.

2.Thread Count

What kind of sheets do hotels use is determined by the thread count of the bedsheet. The more per inch thread count there is, the more durable and comfortable the sheets would be. The lesser the thread count, the lower the quality and more chances of the bedsheets being weaker and not long-lasting. You would find the best bed sheets being used in upscale hotels to be at least a three-hundred thread count. These sheets are much softer and more durable for long-term use. Always look into the thread count when figuring out what kind of sheets do hotels use. A budget hotel would opt for sheets with a hundred and eighty thread count. As they are much more affordable in comparison.

For the best bed sheets always invest in higher thread count numbers as they are the right choice for 5-star hotels.

3.Price Value

What kind of sheets do hotels use depends on the long-term value of the sheets in terms of quality and price. Even though a 5-star hotel has a much more flexible budget to source the best bed sheets in the market in comparison to a budgeted hotel; they still have to control their spending to remain within that budget. That’s why, when spending an exuberant amount on their bedsheets, they look into the added value of the price they’re paying. The sheets should be durable, long-lasting, and they should also be visually appealing. Because when those guests lie down on those sheets is not determined, but the impression they make when they first see is determined beforehand.

What kind of sheets do hotels use depends on the value hotels are able to extract from the sheets depending on the price they are paying. Most hotels are ready to pay a higher price if they believe the value, they get out of particular bedsheets is much more than the money they have spent in the long-term.

4. Which are the Best Bed Sheets for 5-Star Hotels?

Once you know what kind of sheets do hotels use; you need to be able to make the purchase without much issue. There are many different choices of bedsheets in the market that you can purchase for your hotel. But the two of the best bed sheets, that we believe meet most luxury hotel requirements and are the best choice for upscale hotels are:

  • Swiss Stripe T-250 Luxury Blended Sheets

This is a durable and long-lasting bedsheet choice for 5-star hotel properties. Though it is a polycotton bedsheet, only the highest quality yarn is used for a soft and comfortable bedsheet. The polyester yarn brings strength and durability to the sheets which makes them last longer and look fresh for a significant period of time. They have 8mm tone-on-tone stripes with a shiny and vibrant finish, which remains fresh even after continuously being institutionally laundered.

  • Ryotei T-300 100% Cotton Super Soft Luxury Sheet

This is a luxury cotton sheet with a thread count of three-hundred, which makes it a premium quality choice for all 5-star hotel properties. These comfortable bedsheets are manufactured using 100% ring-spun long-staple cotton yarn which gives them a plush feel. It features a luxury sateen weave along with double-needle stitched hems for durability and visual appeal. They are also anti-pilling, crease resistant, and institutional laundering resistant.


What type of sheets do 5-star hotels use varies for each hotel property but they look only for the; best bed sheets that fit their hotel requirements in terms of visual appeal and quality. What kind of sheets do hotels use according to you? Let us know in the comments below.

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