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Requirements and conditions to get HGV Licence

An HGV licence is the most important part when you are thinking of driving various types of lorries. Different lorries need different types of HGV licences to drive. Now every different type of HGV licence will definitely need different types of conditions and various other aspects are to be followed to get the things in place. Now, what exactly is meant by an HGV licence? HGV licence means Heavy Goods Vehicles licence which is based on different aspects of different vehicles. Now heavy goods vehicles licence as the name suggests is based on the type of vehicle load you are carrying. When talking about various aspects all you need to do is follow some of the conditions and fulfil the various requirements as per the different aspects that are to be followed in the long run. 

There are many requirements that are to be followed to get the HGV licence, these are just kept to make sure that things go in a safe and legal way. Some of the steps that are to be followed are based upon various requirements depending on the licence type you are using. 

What are the different kinds of HGV licences?

When it comes to HGV licence types it is, therefore, clear that there are a number of vehicles and so are the licences. Different licence types need different conditions to follow to get the HGV licence. Some of the different types of licences are: 

Category C+E: The category C+E licence is termed as the highest licence type of all. This type of licence allows you to drive vehicles whose weight is almost 7.5 tonnes and a trailer can add up to 270 Kg of the weight. For this type of licence, you need to first get the Category C licence.

Category C: This is termed as the most common type of licence, which generally allows you to drive the lorries which usually weigh from 3.5 tonnes to 7.5 tonnes, and a trailer weighing up to 750 kgs but not more than that. If you wish to drive heavier vehicles then you need to go through the HGV c+E licence.

Category C1:  This is one of the smallest driving licences, which is usually for driving vehicles of smaller ranges like vans and other related vehicles.

Requirements for an HGV Licence

There are several requirements that are to be followed while planning to get the HGV licence of different types. These rules are made over various plans and terms based on the legal and safe terms and conditions. Some of them are:

  1. A person should be at least 18 years of age.
  2. It is also advised that a person should first carry a provisional car licence to get things done. 
  3. After having these two requirements in place, one will surely make sure things go in the right way.
  4. To get the licence one should also go through the process that is defined by the government making things go in the right way. 
  5. The general process for getting the HGV licence after you are aware of all the basic requirements.

Process for getting the HGV licence

HGV licence as the name suggests is the heavy vehicle’s licence that is used for driving large and rigid vehicles. So to get the HGV licence, the person needs to go through various aspects. The person needs to go through various conditions to get the HGV Licence. 

The process generally includes three different stages: These are:

  • The medical examination
  • The theory training and test
  • Practical training and test


It is said that the person should go through proper training and then examination for gaining the HGV licence. 

The medical exam: This is required to check if the person is mentally as well as physically fit for driving such large and rigid vehicles. These types of vehicles need to be managed with proper care. So one should get through the medical exam to start with the actual process.

Theory training and test: It is advised that the person should go through the theory training as that person is taught about various aspects of driving theoretically which therefore helps in practical driving experiences. This is required because it will also be helpful in the aspect of the theory test. You will be much clearer about the patterns and the questions that will be part of the test.

Practical training and test: It is the second part of the journey to get the HGV licence. 

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