What is pregnancy massage and how is pregnancy massage done

What is pregnancy massage and how is pregnancy massage done?

Hello friends, I hope you will be fine, friends, with the help of today’s article. We are going to know the complete information about Massage in full detail. We have told you in this article what is pregnancy massage And How is pregnancy massage done are there and also told you how you can do a good pregnancy massage because you must know that many people want to know about massage.


What is (prenatal, pregnancy) massage?

Friends, if you have this question in your mind that what is pregnancy massage, then you should stay last with this topic because we are going to discuss it in this topic, so let’s start this topic without delay. For your information, let us tell you that prenatal massage is different from a normal massage.

Prenatal massage relaxes a pregnant woman, reduces tension in her muscles, eases pain and improves blood flow to the body. During pregnancy, the whole body is massaged from the feet to the head. Prenatal massage is adapted to the physical pain of pregnant women and it is done according to the needs of the women.

Massage during pregnancy should always be done by those who are certified for this type of massage because at this time there are differences in the methods of massaging and the parts of the body. For example, during pregnancy the ligaments become very weak which can also become unstable especially if the organ is stressed.

The certified trainer also knows which parts of the body may be more effective during pregnancy and which areas should be avoided.

how is pregnancy massage done

Advantage of pregnancy massage

Friends, with the help of this topic, we are going to get information about some benefits of pregnancy massage, so let’s start this topic without delay, let us tell you for your information that we have taken all the benefits of pregnancy massage below. If it is written step by step, then you should read them carefully and understand that by

Massaging, the tension of the joints of your bones is reduced, which carry the full weight of your body.

Massaging reduces the tension of muscles and bones. It helps in reducing many discomforts that affect pregnant women, such as back pain, leg pain, headache, cramping in the legs and stiffness in the joints.

It reduces the risk of heartburn, acid reflux, stress, nasal congestion and pain in hip joints in women. Massage improves blood circulation which helps in boosting immunity and eliminating toxins.

It reduces the chances of depression, stress and anxiety by correcting the hormonal balance of the body. Massaging releases endorphins easily in the body, which helps women to sleep and feel relaxed.

It makes the muscles strong and flexible, which helps women to carry their extra body weight during pregnancy. It balances the blood pressure and also reduces the heaviness in the heart.

Massage improves the health of the skin and internal tissues. By doing this, the flow of blood to the placenta and uterus increases, which benefits the unborn baby.

The nervous system gets a lot of relaxation by getting massages and this helps in reducing the pain during delivery.


How to do pregnancy massage at home

Prenatal or general massage at home is most comfortable. Although it is important to keep some things in mind for doing prenatal massage at home, let us know;


Right Ways to Massage

Back: To get relief in back pain, massage should be done from the back of the neck to the hips. However, do not put any pressure on the spine to avoid other problems.

Hips: The lower back bone needs to be massaged very gently with the help of fists and knuckles and during this time do not put any stress on the anus.

Legs: To reduce foot tension, move your legs in a circular or straight straight from the toes to the hips.

Hands and feet: Pain in the feet and hands is not caused by the muscles but by the accumulation of fluid which also causes swelling. Body swelling is one of the main reasons for women’s discomfort. By getting massage, blood circulation increases, and massage should be done by applying the force of the thumb in the middle of the body.

Neck: The shoulders should be massaged to reduce the tension on the neck muscles. Using the tips of the thumbs when massaging the shoulders has a greater effect.

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Some tips for your partner while massaging

The atmosphere can play an important role in making your wife comfortable during the massage. Therefore, before massaging, make sure that the lighting of the room is dim and there should be scented candles too.

Make sure your wife is lying down in a comfortable position and using pillows can enhance her comfort. If you plan to use aromatherapy oil, make sure it is safe to use during pregnancy and should be well diluted.

Do not put too much pressure on the body while massaging and do it very slowly.

Massaging vigorously can put more pressure, especially on the abdomen. Lastly, it is also necessary to take feedback from the pregnant woman.

It is also important to understand what your wife feels comfortable with while taking care not to stretch during the massage and not to put pressure on the uterine ligaments.

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