Point of sale features your repair shop software must have

Point of sale features your repair shop software must have

POS software plays a significant role in managing tasks of the repair business. It makes your business efficient. All in one cloud-based repair shop software is like a team of experts working hard to ensure that every job and process in your repair shop is taking place quickly and efficiently.

So there is a great need to understand the importance of POS software. However, before knowing its features, you need to know what precisely this software is.

Here are some essential features which make a repair shop POS software highly productive.

Understanding repair shop software and its need

A cloud-based repair shop software is a kind of point of sale. In a POS system, information for processing comes through a remote cloud service.

It is the point where purchases take place.

It helps you to seamlessly manage your operations and enhance your processes. It also helps your employees work effectively.

If you want to compete in the competitive repair industry, it is imperative to have repair shop software. So you can make your business successful.

Point of Sale

For a seamless checkout experience, a point of sale is integral. It helps to process your orders and enhance the retail experience.

Through this system, you can quickly note your customer’s order and can collect payment.

POS system will take items from your inventory and add them to the cart. At the same time, it maintains the customer-wise record of all sold products and availed services.

Through this feature, you can conveniently perform all your tasks. For example, you can do employee management, repair tickets, and tasks related to inventory.

In other words, you can manage all your tasks through your POS.

Repair Ticket Management

The repair ticket management module plays a significant role in the POS software of your repair shop.

You can create notes for your employees that will be helpful in the repair job. Of course, your customers can also view these notes. But your employees can only see internal notes.

Furthermore, it automatically updates your customer with the repair status through an email or SMS. For example, the technician updates the repair status as completed.

At the same time, your customer will instantly receive an email that their device is ready, and they can pick it anytime.

You can even use a repair ticket for parts ordering. In addition, multiple vendor integrations allow you to manage your inventory without any hassle.

For instance, a repair shop software, RepairDesk, integrated its system with MobileSentrix. And made it convenient for repair shop owners to manage their inventory.

This POS software also allows you to create a pre-and post-repair checklist. And keeps you safe from any false claims by your customer. 

Additionally, you can also assign tasks within the software for repairs to your employees.

Inventory management

Manually keeping the record of items in your inventory is not an easy task. However, it is the main reason inventory management is a very tedious task for your repair shop.

The inventory management module in your repair shop software should provide complete transparency.

It will also offer you a view of SKU transaction history, inbound/outbound inventory, and lot–wise history.

You can even manage stock adjustments – you can decrease or increase stocks while checking the stock.

Management of multiple stores

Managing multiple locations is daunting for repair shop owners. In addition, it is tough to monitor every task from one terminal.

It is even more complicated in the case of unmovable terminals. It will restrict the manager to one place. And limit his ability to check the operations of other stores.

It is advised to use software like RepairDesk. It comes with multi-store functionality. Your managers can easily navigate from one store to another through this software.

This quick navigation helps managers to get information. And they can also check the activity of stores.

These efficient processes will eventually make it easy for business owners. They can make crucial decisions. And help them grow.

Employee management

The employee management module is vital for cell phone repair shop software. It will help you to monitor staff levels, sales performances, and employee hours.

You can conveniently gauge the productivity of your staff through this module.

Additionally, you can also track their activities by linking every transaction. And you will be able to know about weak and good performers.

This effective employee management mechanism allows you to decide on the success and growth of your business.

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Customer and invoicing

Your POS software must perform the critical function effectively. Functions like customer management and invoice. 

You can also save your customers’ data and purchase history. It will help you to retain them.

You can also know about their personalized repair experience. Again, it helps devise your marketing strategy.

Similarly, you can conveniently get payments. Multiple payment integrations in the billing module make it easy.


Forecasting the need for your product and services is imperative. Moreover, it is crucial for the growth of your repair business.

You can easily do this through a reporting module. For example, through inventory reports, you can know your best-selling and not-selling items.

In addition, it will give you a clear idea of which item you need to stock more.

It will also help you to analyze your earnings through sales and repairs. You can also trace the peak sale hours of your shop. And can also figure out whether your shop needs more employees or not.

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