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Meet The Needs Of Healthcare Sector With Your Practo Clone

Tomorrow’s technology is today’s world. Vast improvements and ideologies pop in and out every new day, taking all of us to the farthest future. And the current shutdown has awakened us to look for alternatives, like Practo clones without much human contact but opportunities to increase human traffic for the business

Despite this lockdown, the health sector industry’s service and needs were in demand yet couldn’t find an absolute solution. Practo Clone app are made use. The app facilitates e-doctor appointment booking.  With the opportunities in the app, the healthcare fraternity rendered their effective service with no direct contact. Whereby contributing to the welfare of the society to overcome the invisible giant in town. 

Encouraging numbers to develop similar Practo clone apps

  • An average of 60% of the people are satisfied with Telemedicine and E-Doctor apps like Practo. 
  • A US-based Healthcare E-doctor app, Teladoc Health, observed increased user interaction in the app. There are 43million users in the app. 
  • The traffic for Online doctor facilities is scaling to reach 1billion users by the end of this year, says Forrester Research of the United States.
  • The United Kingdom National Health Service recommends digital mode of Doctor activities. The NHS has encouraged 7000 general practitioners to render their services online. 
  • A Chinese Doctor app, Ping A Good Doctor, is streaming 730,000 visits every day. 
  • AmWell is a healthcare startup experiencing a 400% rise in its rate of downloads, especially during this lockdown period.

The numbers are nearly 30times higher than what was predicted earlier. All these factors signify that the health care sector needs similar alternatives to meet the needs and demand in the market. The app benefits the patients and doctors. Developing similar apps like Practo is a great idea to level up your business and a solid solution to boost business revenue. 

Healthcare apps are needs and not luxuries

Healthcare apps offer multiple business opportunities for the developer and the app’s users (Doctors/ Patients). By developing similar apps like Practo, there are leveraging factors that offer increased user functionality. 

  1. It connects the discharged patients to get their post-discharge services and advice online easily.
  2. Without getting out of the house, the users can communicate with the doctors and specialists regarding any issue. 
  3. All the doctors here are verified. Only those who have crossed the verification are allowed to get listed. While others can not trespass. This ensures safety and security. 
  4. Foraged patients, these apps are more comfortable making their appointments and unnecessarily reduce their time waiting and traveling. 
  5. The app facilitates advanced features to upload user reports. They can easily analyze. 
  6. The prescriptions be order in the app .  And door step delivery is provided. 

As we see how the users benefit, the app developer also has great opportunities and benefits. In terms of boosting their business goodwill, this can be a great initiative. 

If you’re still not satisfied with our point, listed below are the admin benefits of the Practo clone app. 

  1. Easy and efficient business management tool
  2. Increased cloud space for documents and files. 
  3. Increased users and most of them thoroughly enjoyed the service. 
  4. Revenue streams in terms of commission and promotions. 
  5. White label app launched exclusively in your brand name
  6. Increased brand reputation and
  7. A platform was rendering versatile health care services, thereby promoting related business through the app. 

High end, tech-savvy features of Practo clone app

  • High-quality video option to facilitate virtual consultations
  • In-app virtual assistance
  • Electronic health records to track the reports of the patients
  • Online prescription ordering and delivery service
  • In-app wallet to make convenient payments
  • Scheduling and notification to not miss the updates
  • Suggestion bot to respond for short queries, health suggestions, etc.

Final verdict

Throughout the blog, we have seen the opportunities to explore in developing your exclusive Practo Clone app. Don’t miss this time. The market is favoring you, and the demand is high. Reach out to a well-established and talented Practo clone app developing company and get your app facilitating online doctor service at ease. 

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