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A well-featured Uber for alcohol delivery app for a business

Those old days are gone when customers have to visit the store and stand in a queue to wait for their turn to buy alcohol. At present, they can choose the alcohol store and place an order within a few minutes via the app. However, alcohol delivery apps play a prime role in the global on-demand market. This is because alcohol delivery is legal in many countries such as the US, UK, and most European countries. Therefore, there is a good scope for entrepreneurs to establish an alcohol delivery business and plunge into the flourishing on-demand market with an Uber for alcohol delivery app.

What is the workflow of an on-demand alcohol delivery app?

The concept of alcohol delivery is getting noticed these days widely, as on-demand alcohol delivery apps provide a wide variety of booze collections, including wine, beer, whisky, scotch, gin, and many more. Let’s see the working model in detail.

Customers sign up with the app by providing the necessary details. They can complete the onboarding process by using their email addresses or phone numbers. Or else, they have the option to register using social media accounts. Likewise, sellers have to finish the registration process by specifying the required information. Then, they can update the details of the products in the app.

Customers can search for their favourite alcoholic beverages and select them to place their order. Once done, the selected products will be added to the cart. Later, they can review it before order confirmation.

Then, the app prompts the customers to choose the payment modes. They can choose to prefer digital payment or cash on delivery. Digital payments include credit cards, debit cards, UPI payments, and e-wallets.

As soon as the placed order is confirmed, the seller will receive a notification regarding the order details. The sellers will process the order and pack it. After that, the assigned delivery partner gets a delivery request and reaches the store to pick the order.

The delivery partner uses the GPS navigation system and chooses the best-optimized route to reach the customer’s location on time. The customer has to make a payment if opted for cash on delivery. Last but not least, customers can rate and review the service in the app if they wish.

What are the chief differentiating features to consider during alcohol delivery app development?

The on-demand alcohol delivery app consists of a Customer app, Store app, Delivery Executive, and Admin panel. Following are the chief differentiating features that have to be included in these panels/modules.

Features of Customer app

  • Search filter

Once done with the registration process, customers can search for alcoholic beverages by applying filters as the products are categorized in the app.

  • Track orders

After the order confirmation, customers can check the order status as they get updates regarding the order via notifications.

  • Multiple payment options

The app offers multiple payment modes so that the customers can make transactions using their preferred payment options.

  • Order history

Customers have the option to view the previous orders and repeat the same order whenever they need to.

  • Feedback

This feature enables the customers to share their feedback regarding the products and delivery service in the app.

  • Promo codes

Customers can make use of the promo codes while placing their orders. This way, they get products at a discounted price.

Features of Delivery Executive app  

  • Document verification

Once the delivery executives’ registers with the app, they have to submit necessary documents, which should be verified by the admin (app owner).

  • Order request

The order request will be sent to the delivery executives. They have the option to either accept or decline based on their availability. Once accepted, the app displays the order details, which includes the customer’s location.

  • In-app chat/call

The delivery executives can connect with the customers and vice versa via in-app call/chat to clarify doubts.

  • GPS tracking

This feature lets the delivery executives track the customers’ location and reach without delay.

  • Earnings

The delivery executives will receive payment to a primary bank account which they have added. They can check the earnings report on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

  • View feedbacks

Delivery executives have the option to view the ratings and reviews given by the customers.

Features of the Store app

  • Product category

Using this feature, store owners can list their products and categorize them in the app. The most commonly available products are beer, vodka, whiskey, wine, etc.

  • Manage complimentary items

Few of the stores provide complimentary items like snacks and soft drinks, which are also widely preferred by the customers while they order alcoholic beverages. Store owners can add or delete complimentary items in the app.

  • View reviews

As customers give ratings and reviews to the purchased beverages and services, store owners can view them. Then, store owners can improve their services according to honest reviews.

  • Pricing details

The shop owners can change the price of the beverages whenever they want. Despite this, they can even offer discounts for some products.

  • Check earnings

This feature enables the store owners to check their earnings. As the app generates a report, they can track their earnings on a weekly or monthly basis.

Features of Admin panel 

  • Payment management

You can view and manage the payment transactions which were done by the customers. And, you have the option to manage the penny credited to the delivery executives and store owners.

  • Real-time tracking

You can locate the delivery executives in real-time and view the updates regarding the order details (ongoing, upcoming, and cancelled orders), delivery timings, and revenue information.

  • Login 

You have to enter the correct login credentials to access the admin panel. After logging, the panel will display the dashboard in which you can view the entire activities of the liquor delivery app with just a few clicks.

  • Marketing management

Using this feature, you can conduct marketing campaigns to boost sales. It allows you to manage the marketing activities like advertisements, online campaigns, brochures, lead generation, and conversion.


Liquor delivery app development isn’t tough. But, everything you should do is choose the right technology partner with expertise in the app development field.

Hopefully, you have a clear idea about which features to be incorporated in the Uber for alcohol delivery app. However, the on-demand business is a promising idea that will continue to boom in the near future. 

So, this is the right time to invest in the on-demand alcohol delivery app development and establish your business.

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