How To Get Medical Marijuana in Virginia

Know the conditions treated by medical marijuana in Virginia

With each passing day, many states are legalizing medical marijuana, and so is Virginia. Back in time, it was strictly prohibited to use medical marijuana, even for medicinal purposes. Still, realizing the medical emergencies of people, numerous states have decided to make it legal and help the people ease their lives. 

Medical marijuana has been made legal, but still, there is no official medical marijuana program in the state. But no worries, as people can use medical marijuana now as the state has made it legal. In doing so, you have to make sure that you fulfill the eligibility criteria fixed by the state as then only you’ll be approved for the same. 

Nearly every state which has legalized medical marijuana has kept several conditions. Let us know some other conditions to get medical marijuana products in Virginia. 

How to get medical marijuana in Virginia 

It will be good for your good if you go through the things required for obtaining a medical marijuana card. Let us take a look at all those things and help people heal at a faster pace. 

Locate physician 

By visiting the state’s website, you’ll get to know the list of certified and licensed physicians over here to whom you have to consult for your medical marijuana application. It is because a physician’s recommendation will increase your prospects of getting a marijuana card. But be careful to choose only the licensed one as no other physician is accepted. 

You need to book a consultation with him to discuss a few things in depth. Many people have numerous doubts when it comes to medical marijuana. Consequently, you can satisfy all your doubts during the consultation by asking the same from the physicians. 

In addition to this, if you enjoy a bona fide relationship with the physician, it will also be of great help to you. If you do not want to experience any side effects of marijuana, the best thing would be to discuss the same with the physicians in advance, only to guide you accordingly. The physician will review your medical history and will see if you are the opt choice for medical marijuana or not. 

Written recommendation 

When submitting your marijuana application online, you need to submit the written recommendation from the physician, in which it must be specified that you are the right choice for medical marijuana, and he has approved you for the same. It will increase your chances of getting approved for the same. 

Submit online application 

In the wake of other things, one must not forget to apply on the state’s website for the medical marijuana card. This should be done after your physician approves you for the same. For this, you will need some crucial documents such as your driver’s license, ID card, address proof, and other things. Most probably, in a week or so, you’ll get to know the status of your application. 

Qualifying conditions 

As every state has its list of qualifying conditions, so must be Virginia. Moreover, every state has distinct qualifying conditions and is not the same. Therefore, all the physicians advise you to go through the qualifying conditions of your respective state. But at present, there is no such list of qualifying conditions as recently only it got legalized. But consider your chances for approval if you suffer from the following conditions. 



Crohn’s disease

Parkinson’s disease


Multiple Sclerosis

Chronic Pain 

All the people with these qualifying conditions can easily get a medical marijuana card, too, in no time. Medical marijuana will help in easing their symptoms if not alleviating them entirely. 

Get your card 

After applying for medical marijuana, within 8-10 days, you’ll come to know if you have been approved or not. Fortunately, you’ll get approved if you manage to fulfill all the above-mentioned conditions. But you don’t need to wait for the card to arrive, as you can get the print online and just take a printout of the card when visiting the dispensary. 

Visit the dispensary 

In the end, you only need to visit the dispensary to get your cannabis products there. By having a medical marijuana card in your hand, you get permission to buy products at low costs and that too of superior costs. Besides this, you will get a great variety of products, such as oil, tinctures, lotions, creams, vapors, and many more. But while consuming medical marijuana, you only need to be careful of the dosage of the medical marijuana as more doses of it can lead to harmful side effects. Consequently, ask the physician to tell you about the required dosage prior only. 

Medical marijuana card costs 

Many people think that it will be costly and have certain doubts concerning this. But the reality is somewhat opposite from this. The entire medical marijuana fee will be nominal. For applying, you only need to pay $50. But as far as doctor’s consultation is concerned, the cost can go up slightly, like somewhere near $200. Along with this, patients also need to know that a medical marijuana card will be only valid for one year, and you have to renew it before it expires. The procedure will also remain the same during the renewal process, and the fee will be nominal. 


As medical marijuana has become legal, every patient should take due advantage of this and heal from the disease. Medical marijuana will not only facilitate healing for you but also improve your quality of life in several ways. Everyone must have got an answer to a question- how to get medical marijuana in Virginia

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