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Ways to Store Weed You Buy from a London Dispensary

Nothing can beat weed you buy from a London dispensary when it remains gluey, flavourful, and potent. Storing marijuana and keeping it fresh is not a simple task. However, your weed can become dry or moulded if you do not store it properly. An old medical marijuana jar looks disgusting. Nevertheless, if you stock your weed properly, it can last for a long time. It is all up to you to protect your weed and enjoy it. So: Which is the ideal place to store cannabis?

Which Is the Best Option to Store Cannabis?

An optimal place to store weed is a dark place with a chilly atmosphere, such as the basement or a cellar. You will never want your weed to mould owing to the presence of heat, light, or moisture. In addition, marijuana can dry when exposed to oxygen. Still, you may not have a basement or cellar to store marijuana and keep it fresh and yummy for a long time. Hence, here are some great ways to store your weed:

  1. Make the Most of Dark: You can eliminate light exposure if you store cannabis in a drawer. Another good option is a dark jar. Ultra-Violet (UV) rays destroy cannabinoids in marijuana, reducing its potency. Thus, a dark jar or a drawer can help you.
  1. Store It in a Cool Place Where Temperature Is a Bit Cooler Than Room Temperature: Warmth is not good for medical cannabis as temperatures ranging from 77 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit can cause the mould to grow. So, you would want your marijuana to store in a cool place, having a temperature range of 32 to 68 degrees Fahrenheit. Therefore, you should store your weed in a cool place having an ideal temperature range and not a refrigerator.
  1. Reduce Oxygen Exposure: You can store your weed in an airtight glass container to seal it. Oxygen speeds up the destruction process and makes your marijuana lacking in quality at the time of use. Moreover, plastic bags or containers are not suitable for storing weed as they have a static charge. Vacuum seal jars are your best option for storing marijuana you buy from a London dispensary.
  1. Utilize Humidity Packs: Dry air can make your marijuana bud less potent and harsh to smoke. Remember, high humidity promotes mould growth, making medical cannabis unsafe for smoking. You can utilize humidity packs to keep your marijuana protected with a humidity level between 50 to 70 percent.
  1. Never Forget About Your Children: Marijuana is not for children, so let your children know it is a medicine. Treat your weed as a prescription. If you have edibles as marijuana, label them and ensure your kids do not eat them.
  1. Storing Edibles: Storing edibles is a walkover as you can store them as your food-based items. Never store edibles for a long time if you want to enjoy them serving you the best.
  1. Avoid Mixing: Never store your grinders, pipes, or other stuff to consume marijuana with your preferable (weed). So, it would help if you kept your supplies isolated from weed and clean.

Marijuana Delivery from an Online Weed Dispensary:-

It is always a good thing to act with precautions while storing marijuana and enjoy its full flavour. An online dispensary will send your marijuana packed to your place.; however, you have to take care of it afterward.


If you want your marijuana to remain sticky, flavourful, and potent, keep the following things in your mind for storage:

  1. You can make the most of dark options to store your weed and save it for a long time.
  2. Store your weed in a cool place with a temperature between 32 to 68 degrees Fahrenheit.
  3. Keep your weed in an airtight glass container.
  4. Utilize humidity packs to keep your marijuana safe.
  5. Keep your marijuana you buy from a London dispensary away from the reach of your children.
  6. Store your edibles like food-based items, but not for the long-term.
  7. Lastly, keep your marijuana consumption stuff clean and separated from marijuana.

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