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Easy To Follow Tips When Choosing A Dive Watch

Watches will undoubtedly be an important part of identity. Generally speaking, men’s and women’s watches come in about three different types. It can be a luxury watch, a sports watch and above all; a diving watch. Each type gives its importance to important areas. This time I want to talk about a diving watch.

There are a few things to look for before choosing and purchasing a dive watch. We meet here for those interested in diving; There are a few things to consider before choosing a dive watch, whether for casual or professional diving.


Uh … Make sure the watch is waterproof. You can find a detailed explanation here.

One way frame

A good diving watch only turns in one direction, yes … Left hand! This happens when the frame hits counterclockwise, it shows you “more time, which makes you more concerned about the mistakes you made earlier.”

Clarity – easy to read

Make sure everything is clean and easy to read, especially in low light and bad conditions, or you can safely calculate how long it will take to get up. It has a very bold heavy style and bright fonts without much light. Contrasting colors are preferred, especially black and white. Always make sure the actual numbers on the frame are embossed and not just painted. Destroy the fresh paint and you can get into it! Numbers.

Thorough evaluation

As I said earlier, a thorough assessment of the manufacturers assumes a watch movement or a water movement. When you are in the water, you or the sea are constantly in motion. Swim, fall, climb, sink – all of this puts extra pressure on the watch. While the safety restrictions for “recreational” diving are estimated at around 40 feet or 130 feet. Many people recommend water resistance of 200 meters or 656 feet. This should ensure that the watch withstands any pressure exerted on it.

Look at the straps

Of course, the rubber grips are comfortable and durable, and while they don’t rust, they age and crack over time, but the rubber can be cut. Stainless steel and titanium tape is a good choice and will not rust. Titanium is lighter and stronger than steel, but it clearly makes it more expensive. If you’re focusing on SS or titanium, the wet freight extension is a good feature. The foldable strap allows you to easily attach the strap to a wet dress when not folded and comfortably on your bare arm to fold it.

Make sure it’s adjustable

Who wants a watch that doesn’t fit? Can you imagine paying hundreds of dollars for a watch that doesn’t even fit? It’s done, so be sure to adjust the strap. Some of the more popular watches have buckles that you can remove separately to fit your wrist.

Expected goal

If you want to use it for diving and not just look good, make sure it’s designed for diving. For example, if you are a professional, you might like the Omega Seamaster, but it might be too boring for you to be on board during a meeting. The watch probably isn’t right for you. Yes of course! If you have the money and don’t mind spending it on two separate watches (one for work and one for entertainment).

There are so many inexpensive professional diving watches. Diving watches don’t cost much, but a dive watch is a little more expensive than a watch that doesn’t cost one, and it’s nice.

Do you really need a diving watch?

As a series of decompression tables, dive watches were considered an essential device before dive computers. Some say dive watches are no longer needed, which may be true. But if the dive watch is truly a luxury, remember that it remains one that has a real function.

Yes, you can now watch your dive computer (especially if it is more timed than ours). Or you can check your phone, even if we usually dive off boats or at least close enough to the water where we don’t want to rely on our sensitive waterproof devices to avoid splashes and salt better than we do.

It is true that a diving watch only tells the time. But the point is, it works reliably and exceptionally well. And the best diving watches do their job, depending on your tastes elegant, resistant, elegant or adventurous. A diving watch is useful. The high-contrast dial and polished indexes and hands that make reading underwater make it easy to read anywhere. Everything can be programmed with the rotating frame that controls the dive time.

The diving watch is durable. The waterproof design and construction allows you to remotely ship your mobile phone to the nearest uBreakiFix store up to 200 meters or more.

Basically, we can say that our main reasons are not to have a dive watch – and not to give it up, even if it gives us a chance when someone asks, “Is it a watch?” Immersion? Are you a diver? ? We share our passion. It is also worth more than the time.

Choose a diving watch

Whether you’re looking for style or function, these tips will help you choose a dive watch that you can follow to the depths of the ocean.

+ Price

While you can spend a lot of money on a dive watch, you can find a solid, well-made and stylish model that is much cheaper than more expensive phones and lasts much longer.

+ Movement

Automatic (self-winding) and solar-powered watches save time with acceptable accuracy and low maintenance, and can withstand many years of intensive use. Sundials usually last longer than automatic watches if not worn. Automatic gestures are best if they can be scrolled manually.


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