How To Check the status of Udyam registration online

How To Check the status of Udyam registration online

Udyam registration is a Government registration process that provides you the recognition as well as certificate and 16 digits alphanumeric registration number. 


The main motive behind the declaration of this UDYAM registration scheme is to provide recognition to the MSME companies and to facilitate them the various benefit under the “ATMA NIRBHAR BHARAT ABHIYAN” or the Self-reliant India Scheme of 2020.


UDYAM registration benefits are only available for MSMEs enterprises that are registered themselves under UDYAM registration.


You can directly fill the UDYAM registration form to get the Udyam registration certificate online, the process is very simple and for further issues, you can also contact the helpdesk number.



MSME/UDYAM registration is the online registration process to get registered under the Ministry of MSME trusted by the Government of India.


UDYAM registration is the best option for Micro, small and medium enterprises to get registered in the UDYAM registration to build better recognition in business and to get a better opportunity than any other enterprise. 


Follow the following steps to fill UDYAM registration application form online:

STEP 1: To register online visit MSME/UDYAM registration

STEP 2: Fill the details mentioned in the application form as provided in the Aadhar card.

STEP 3: Upload the Aadhar card for identity verification.

STEP 4: The automatic degenerated OTP will be shown on the screen for the authentication process.   

STEP 5: After completing the registration form click on the SUBMIT button.

STEP 6: After the successful submission of the application form complete the payment procedures.


After the successful registration in the UDYAM registration portal, you will get the ORDER ID before completing the verification of details and you can track your UDYAM registration status with this ORDER ID.


Procedure to check the Udyam registration status:

  1. Click here to check the status of Udyam registration status.
  2. Enter the Udyam registration number of the applicant for further process
  3. Click the proceed button to check the udyam registration status with your Order Id

Udyam registration benefits

  1. Get the various benefits like tax exemption
  2. Support from the government when payment will be delayed
  3. Reduced interest rate.
  4. Get an instant free loan from a bank
  5. Special allotment in government trader
  6. Access in government portal
  7. An international trading facility will be provided
  8. Subsidy in various patent registration
  9. Subsidy in barcode registration
  10. Reduction in power tariff
  11. Subsidy in NSIC performance and credit rating fees
  12. Reimbursement in ISO certification fees
  13. Discount in the government security deposit


Many people believe that there are some benefits to registering for udyam. Let’s have a look at some of them:


1) An udyam registrant can open multiple bank accounts because all banks are willing to provide special banking services to udyam qualifying entrepreneurs without imposing any fees or charges for the opening of such multiple bank accounts. When opening an office, you may require several bank accounts into which you may deposit small sums each month, ranging from Rs.5000 to Rs.10000, so that you can keep track of your records and collect payments for services done. This will assist him in maintaining accurate records and avoiding any disputes.


2) A udyam registrant may be exempt from securities trading registration, which implies that he or she does not require any special permission or licence to buy stock from the company’s promoters or other shareholders.


3) An udyam registrant is eligible for government assistance programmes such as Startup India, Standup India, and others without having to have their udyam cancelled by the District Collector after taking use of these programmes.


4) According to guidelines released by the Department of Personnel and Government of India, unorganised sector entrepreneurs are given precedence in hiring at various government agencies.


5) A udyam registrant may register his or her business with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs’ Registrar of Firms and be entitled for various privileges.


6) On the basis of established policies framed for this purpose by the Department of Financial Services, an udyam registrant can obtain corporate financial assistance from banks, NBFCs, and other financial institutions. If needed in the future, such pathways could allow entrepreneurs to raise funding from markets, public, or private sources.

Instruction to fill the UDYAM registration form 

UDYAM registration number

  Enter the UDYAM registration number of the applicant.

Applicant’s name

Enter the valid name of the applicant as provided in the AADHAR card.

Mobile number

Enter the applicant’s mobile number the same as provided in the Aadhar Card.

Email ID

Enter the valid email id of the applicant the certificate will be sent to this email.


Enter the residential state of the applicant same as provided in the aadhar card.

Aadhar Card

The applicant has to submit a copy of the Aadhar card for the verification process.


The OTP will be sent to the applicant’s mobile number for verification.


We know that everything has its own disadvantage but it has no disadvantages, no compliance requirement of a UDYAM registration But there are various advantages of the UDYAM registration. So it makes sense to do the registration in UDYAM if you are an eligible applicant.


As soon as, complete your registration process through Udyam registration portal to make your name and recognition in business to get the facilities from the government and banks. By registering with Udyam registration you can get categories under the MSMEs. 


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