How Do Packers and Movers Estimate the Moving Cost?

How Do Packers and Movers Estimate the Moving Cost?

Who doesn’t want to know about packers and movers charges in India? Before hiring packing and moving services, relocators want to know the approximate cost of hiring a moving company. Most people get estimates from transport companies while some use packers and movers charges calculator to estimate prices online.

Although every packers and movers agency has different parameters to determine the moving cost yet the moving cost calculator tool gives you a fair idea of packers and movers charges in a particular location. Just enter the details of your move like the type of move and location and get the cost estimated within a few minutes.

Well, those who are interested in knowing the approximate packers and movers charges should read the article. This article will let you know how a removal company estimates its prices.

What Things Movers and Packers Consider to Determine Their Charges?

While estimating home shifting charges in India movers and packers consider several things. There are many cost heads that affect movers and packers rates. Below are the factors that affect home shifting costs and the things that movers consider to determine their fees.

The size of your home

The size of your home matters for the total weight of your goods. A 1BHK flat has common household goods like a washing machine, fridge, bed, furniture, cupboard, and kitchen utensils. However, a 2BHK flat has more items and that would cost more. So,  the cost of your move will be decided by the size of your home.

Type of the goods you have

Apart from the total weight of the goods, their nature also matters for movers. Suppose you have more fragile items that need more attention, then movers will increase the price. The more effort your goods need, the higher movers will charge for them.

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Location plays a vital role in estimating the moving cost. Both your new and current house locations will be considered by movers to determine their price. Movers will decide the rate according to the exact distance between the source and the destination. Local house shifting costs less than intercity relocation services.

Packaging materials

The type and quality of the packaging materials also affect moving charges. Movers will consider the total quantity and quality of packing supplies they are using to pack your goods.

Labor cost

Packing the entire household items is not easy. For packing 1BHK goods, 2 laborers are required. Likewise, for packing 3-4BHK household items, 4 laborers are required. Each laborer charges approx. Rs. 500 to Rs. 600. So, movers will determine the final price considering labor cost.

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Additional service cost

There are several things that can cost you extra during the move. For example – movers will not include an unpacking service in their package. But, if you need the service you can pay extra and avail of the service. Similarly, some other services will cost extra like installing AC, wall mounting a TV, moving heavy or special items, etc. The additional services will increase the moving cost.

The size of the truck

To transport your belongings movers will use a truck. The truck can be of any size from small to large. Moving companies have a fleet of trucks and carriers that they use for cargo transport. Trucks charges vary according to the sizes. According to the total size of the shipment, the size of the truck will be decided and then its price.


Insurance helps you to recover all the damaged costs if occurs any during the transit. Although movers will take proper care of your possessions throughout the move yet there are some uncontrollable situations when your goods can damage. But for transit insurance, you will have to pay extra. So, movers will consider this factor as well to determine the final moving cost.

Applicable taxes

After all the factors, movers will apply taxes. 18% GST will be charged by movers for household shifting services. And if it’s an intercity move then toll taxes and Octrois will be added to the bill after the shipment delivery.

I hope now you all must have understood how packers and movers estimate their charges. But remember, charges of movers and packers vary from company to company. Some also consider the brand reputation and its experience. This is the reason why you always see price differences in different moving companies’ quotations.

If you want to know how much you will be charged for your move then you can estimate the price using the packers and movers charges calculator. This tool is available on any transport service booking portal.

In Conclusion

Everything related to your move will affect packers and movers charges. Moving agencies will consider all your demands while estimating the moving cost. So, the rate may vary according to the situation and condition of your move.

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