How Can You Bring Your Parents and Grandparents to Canada?

Inviting your family to stay with you in Canada can be daunting. They act as a source of light to your dull life. It is natural to get worried about them living alone too. So, the only alternative at your disposal is to get access to Canada super visa for parents. Applying and getting any permit is always a lengthy procedure. The fear of waiting for a long time prevents many from applying for visas. However, the good news is that you can bring your parents as visitors while waiting for approval. This post will guide you regarding the various ways you can get your family to Canada.

Different Ways To Bring Your Parents And Grandparents To Canada

There are three main ways to call your parents to Canada. Each of these ways requires both you and your parents/grandparents to fulfil specific eligibility criteria. So, let us discuss each of the ways briefly.

Apply as a Visitor:

Apply as a visitor if your family is not permanently shifting under the Canada super visa for parents. It is the best way to meet them for a particular period. Not everyone is going to feel comfortable shifting entirely to a new place. So, to meet them once in a while, apply as a visitor. However, the visitors need to comply with all the laws and regulations during their visit. They are supposed to show the officer shreds of evidence of their home country. The reason for doing this is to ensure that they will return after the visit.

The border officer usually decides the period of stay. Otherwise, it is six months from their entry which is extendable up to four months. The visitors are required to apply if they wish to extend their period of stay.

Via the Canada Super Visa For Parents And Grandparents: 

There are some similarities between Canada super visa for parents and the spousal sponsorship Canada program. They are alike because both the program requires a sponsor and sponsored person to be eligible. The eligibility criteria are discussed below for your reference:


  • They should sign a letter of invitation to bring their parents or grandparents.
  • As the candidate, they will have to support their parents or grandparents financially.
  • Submit all the documents that show sponsors as permanent residents.
  • They should prove that they meet the income requirement to apply for Canada super visa for parents. It may require the sponsor to submit the documents stating their professional status.
  • The sponsor should prove their relationship with the parent or grandparent.

Sponsored Person:

  • Proof of relationship with the sponsor.
  • They should have medical insurance from a Canadian company worth a minimum of CAD 100,000. The period of insurance should be one year from the date of entry.
  • They should have completed their medical exam for the visa.

The Canada super visa for parents permits residence for ten years, renewed after every two years. Additionally, the period of a single visit is valid for up to 2 years.

Family Sponsorship:

The family sponsorship is also known as the spousal sponsorship Canada program. Canada’s spousal sponsorship program allows permanent citizens to sponsor their parents/ spouse/ grandparents. Just like Canada super visa, this program requires specific criteria that the candidates will have to fulfil. However, the spousal sponsorship Canada program opens the door for permanent residence. So, if you want your family to stay permanently, try for this visa. The requirements are specified below.


  • The sponsor should necessarily have completed 18 years.
  • The sponsor needs to be a permanent resident for obtaining a spousal sponsorship Canada program.
  • They are supposed to support their parents/ grandparents /family for two to three years.
  • The responsibility also depends upon the type of relationship shared with the sponsored person.
  • The sponsor must fulfil the minimum criteria of income to become eligible for the spousal sponsorship program.

In this visa’s case, all the responsibility lies on the sponsor; the sponsored person shares nothing. If the sponsor is eligible, they are required to fill an interest to sponsor form. Moreover, the application was mainly submitted in January. The next step is just receiving an invitation for the completion of the application. After completion, the candidate should present it within 60 days. The forms ensure attendance on a first-come, first-serve basis. Earlier, the forms were selected using a lottery system. However, it is now replaced by this method.

So, bringing your family to Canada is no more a problem. If they don’t wish to reside permanently, select a visitors visa or Canada super visa for parents. Keep all the list of documents required handy for the process.

You can get your family permanently to reside with you using a spousal sponsorship visa. Some experts will guide you effortlessly through the entire process.

Otherwise, you will quickly finish all the processes. This feat is possible when you meet the criteria. The time required for permanent residence can vary from 20 to 24 months. But, there is no need to worry. You will sail through the process quickly without any difficulty.

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