A Guide to Pick Best Magento Hosting for Your Store

A Guide to Pick Best Magento Hosting for Your Store

Best Magento Hosting – Choosing the best Magento hosting can be challenging even for proficient store owners. There are so many choices with a huge range of budget-friendly and unrivaled performance providers. Certain factors can help you discover an excellent hosting solution, which is not an easy task.

The Challenges Faced by Magento Store Owners

Like various other online business owners, Magento store owners make sure that they keep track of their business rather than stressing about their Magento hosting solutions. This decision is definitely very significant and requires patience to select what is best for the business. However, there are some common challenges that Magento store owners have to encounter in the reference with a hosting solution which includes:

  1. No Scalability

At times you are unable to scale up the server resources. If a store gets a lot of traffic, specifically in cases of traffic spikes when there is very high traffic, the site goes offline. The only apt way to get it back is to talk with the support team. Hence the whole experience gets very frustrating.

  1. Difficult to Increase Storage

Magento hosting gives you a limit on the storage capacity. Hence store owners, at times, are unable to upload data beyond a specific storage capacity. In addition, extra storage space costs additional money, which increases the total costs of Magento hosting for the store.

  1. Very Slow Performance

If a web page takes load time, i.e., more than 3 seconds to load, it becomes a problem. According to Google guidelines, if a site takes more load time than 3 seconds, it is slow. Hence, all you can do is get Magento Performance Optimization Service to deliver a better experience to the store visitors by simply improving the website’s loading time.

  1. Lots of Server Management

The worst part is that the store owners need to update their servers. Moreover, they have to install applications on their server, all on their own. Therefore it takes up a good amount of time which otherwise could have been saved for growing their store and spent to increase the business.

Unfortunately, almost every Magento store owner has to face a lot of challenges and come up with new solutions.

Types of Web Hosting Solutions

Let us now discover the various types of hosting choices available for Magento store owners.


This is an open solution that enables you to host your website using a server already divided among several users. But, unfortunately, you get to have limited storage, limited bandwidth, and there is simply no option to scale up.


It is comparatively expensive and is a hard-to-manage hosting. You will get to start with a totally raw server you set up according to your needs. However, you will have to spend a lot of time managing your dedicated server.


A VPS is quite similar to a dedicated hosting server. You can always scale up your server using resources. However, the cost of processing is high enough for many store owners. Therefore, you still have to consider all aspects of your server.


A cloud server is highly reliable, low-cost, scalable, and fast. But you will still have to manage it by yourself. It means you will have to install the hosting stack, OS, updates, and server security.

Managed Cloud

It is a cloud server that comes with the maximum layer of server management. It is delivered using a browser-based platform. Therefore if you own this managed cloud server, you won’t have to manage it. The cost is nearly the same as a cloud server, but you will have the complete authority to work on your e-commerce store.

Introducing an unsurpassed and cheap Magento Hosting

Navicosoft is a preeminent managed hosting service that delivers the best Magento Hosting at a very reasonable price. The users are able to launch an unlimited amount of stores on our servers. The best part is that you can always scale up your cheap Magento hosting whenever you need to.

Navicosoft Best Magento Hosting Features

Navicosoft delivers several features to the host for optimizing and providing the best Magento hosting experience. In addition, it makes sure that there is a stable performance without any hindrances or issues. Therefore the list includes:

  1. Advanced Security: 

Navicosoft provides you IP Whitelistingtwo-factor authentication, and several options for extra security. Hence, we provide you a comprehensive space for all your security features. Furthermore, we make sure to protect your repute and online identity by delivering you complete security features, which include Firewall and Malware scanning. In addition to this, it will also help you to prevent your customers from all kinds of malicious hacker attacks.

  1. Turbo Server

Navicosoft has built its trust over the years. Therefore, we provide you with turbo-fast hosting servers and the best SEO ranking, low bounce rates, and high conversion rate.

  1. Free Migration: 

Getting services from Navicosoft is as convenient as clicking just a few buttons such that the support team will migrate your first website for free. Also, no matter wherever your website is being hosted right now, we assure you to migrate your website on our servers without any additional charges.

  1. High Availability

Our technical staff is always available to resolve all your cheap Magento hosting and technical issues. If any kind of failure occurs, our team will be there to help you and handle those concerns and recover them as quickly as possible. We have an exceptional strategy to provide 24/7 availability.

  1. Free Encrypt SSL Certificates:

You can secure your store using our free Encrypt SSL certificate with the upgraded plans. Hence you can easily secure end-to-end communication of your store.

  1. One-click Installation

Navicosoft provides you the most convenient way to set up your Magento-powered digital solution. Hence all you need is just a one-click installation process, and you will go through the most hassle-free procedure with quick and best results.

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