Friendship Peak Trek: A Beginner Complete Guide

Friendship Peak Trek: A Beginner Complete Guide


The Friendship peak is the best winter trek in India. You can enjoy lots of snowfall here. The scenery of this peak is so amazing to see. There are lots of Views to see. You can see the best view on the top of this peak. The mountain range has an amazing experience. There are two major ranges named Pir Panjal and Dhauladhar. This range of views is so attractive to see. By these ranges you can see the view of manali by the bird’s eyes. There are lots of treks near this trek. You can also enjoy these treks. Some are very popular and beautiful to see.

The Friendship Peak Trek is a long highest range on the Himalayan peak. Pir panjal has a very long range; you can see all the Friendship Peak Trek on the top of this range. This trek is a very pretty view. On the top of this range. The snowy views of this trek are so beautiful. You can play with snow. Snow covered with white sheets. This white sheet is covered with snow. In Himachal Pradesh there is no trek for tourists in winter to enjoy their journey.

How To Reach

This trek is not too difficult to reach. You can easily reach there by Manali. When you reach kullu people prefer to take flights, buses and taxis. You can reach fastly by flight. There is a nearest airport, Bhutan airport. It drops you at three hour at  the friendship Peak Trek from the airport. People also take taxis to reach this trek on kullu and reach solong which is a  valley located near kullu. You can see here lust green forests, alpine meadows,streams and valleys. One can enjoy the basic camp organized here. If somebody knows how to reach this trek and set in their mind how to reach, where they stay and all the plans they set in their mind, these things make their trek so easy.


This trek is not so difficult for travelers. It is a very easy trek to climb. It is a simple hike trek through meadows and forest. Beas river flowing beside friendship Peak Trek. Steep with moranies make this trek difficult. There is lots of snow to make this trek so difficult. Snowfall covered all this trek so you cannot see properly this trek and this makes lots of difficulty to you on this trek. By this trek you take lots of experience about this trek deeply.

Best Time To Visit

Winter is the best time to visit this trek. You can come here in the middle of October.  You can enjoy snowfall here. This place is covered with white snow sheets. May to July is also the best time to visit this place. In this time period the weather is so cool. This trek is especially Famous for winter treks. So you can come here mainly in winter.

Reason To Do

This trek is located in pir panjal range of can see here the snowy peaks of dhauladhar and pir panjal range. This trek provides you the opportunity to see the amazing views of this trek. The beautiful scenery of this trek is seen by you. You can capture the movement of every minute.

Things To Carry


You can carry two to three pairs of clothes. It is a winter place so you can carry some jackets and sweaters.


The torch helps you to see at night. Many people travel at night so the torch helps you to see at night.

Socks and shoes

You must carry some extra pair of shoes and socks in your bag.

Food Items

Some common food you carry with you Like- Butter, Jam, Bread, Snacks e.t.c.These common food help you in this trek. 


Some Toiletries items you can carry with you- soap, brush, Toilet paper, paste, shampoo e.t.c. 


You can carry some caps with you. These caps help you in winter. 

Trekking Items

You can pick some Trekking items in your bag. These items help you to make your trek easy.

Some Common Things

You can learn some Common things about this trek. It helps you to make your trek easy. You cannot drink alcohol here. It is strictly banned. Without any I’d proof you can not stay here. You can stay here for a long time if you have a long entry pass to stay in this place. This trek makes your journey so beautiful.


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