Static Vs Dynamic Website How To Make Faster?

What is a static website?

A static website is made up of a collection of HTML files, each of which represents one of the website’s actual pages. Each page on a static site is a different HTML file. You are only viewing the real homepage file when you visit the site.

website in headless WordPress themes Even if two pages have the same content, such as a footer, the footers exist in two different versions. As a result, you must edit the footer on each page if you wish to make changes. Static websites feature simple to create, Static website show old generation website. Statics websites were created in the early days of the internet.

What is a dynamic website?

When a visitor accesses any dynamic website, old stack technologies and frameworks like PHP are used to construct a webpage. The server will locate information once a visitor enters a certain web address, which it will then combine into a single cohesive web page.

A dynamic website is similar to a mosaic. This method of creating web pages is known as “on the fly” and has several benefits.


Comparing dynamic websites and Static website

Easier design updates

headless wordpress themes make websites more dynamic with pre-built layout Because each section of a web page is distinct, updating anything across several pages is significantly easier. In the meanwhile, if you had a static website and wanted to modify the navigation, you’d have to adjust every page. This is a time-consuming and repetitive operation that is prone to human error.

More flexible data with headless WordPress themes

You can keep your content and other components of your site in a database since a dynamic site brings together a variety of page fragments to build a full page. This has the benefit of allowing you to view and change your material in a variety of ways, as well as having it load across numerous websites. This is useful if you have two unique brands and websites with some content overlap.

Easier content updates

Because the various components of the page are all independent, dynamic websites may easily be used in conjunction with a content management system (CMS). This makes it simple for a non-technical individual to change material on the site.

Without knowing HTML, anybody implementing content may simply build a new page or article. To construct a new web page for a static site, employees would need to know HTML or enlist the aid of someone who does.

Which site, static or dynamic, is better for me?

It all depends on the goal of the website you’re creating. Dynamic sites are more expensive to construct and take longer to code and develop than static ones. You might be better off with a static site if you’re on a tight deadline and budget.

In general, static web pages may be more useful if your website:

  • Is for a one-time campaign that just requires one or two pages
  • When the promotion reached over, CMS command removed.

Dynamic sites, on the other hand, payout in the end for the great majority of website projects where the material will be updated often. This is because any initial cost savings from a static website will be negated by the increased time and effort required for site upgrades and modifications in the future.

The role of Content Management Systems 

CMS’s popularity has compelled the majority of dynamic websites to employ them. WordPress website CMS powered used to administrate every websit . Static websites, on the other hand, cannot incorporate a CMS because there is no server-side code. Some plugin in wordpress unable to utilise provided by a CMS highly appreciated by the majority of dynamic users. The use of a content management system (CMS) can aid in the updating and management of a website.

Using a CMS may also save you money and time because you won’t have to spend a huge fee on your web developer to create CMS-based websites. Creating a static website, on the other hand, necessitates more code, which might result in higher web development costs.


For static pages such as announcement pages, landing pages, and coming soon pages, many websites still employ static websites. These apps have benefited from the convenience and reliability of static webpages, which do not require frequent modification. In modern times, legible websites with fewer pages are another location where static pages find sanctuary. These websites need quicker replies rather than easy modification. Websites like this make use of the fact that static ones are quicker than dynamic websites.

Dynamic websites with headless wordpress themes, on the other hand, have greater potential for complex features. The server-side scripting always kept up to date with the newest developments. This allows developers to employ the most recent market trends to liven up their website.  There are more other feature about to upgraded in website. It’s easier to change material now that you don’t have to modify every single page.

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