Best Six Wineries In Bangalore

Best Six Wineries In Bangalore


Bangalore is the capital of Karnataka. Bangalore is famous for its park and nightlife. There  people spoke in kannada language. Bangalore is famous for its peace and beauty. Their scenery is so amazing. Their night scenery is  beautiful. People called Bangalore  the city of silicon. The most famous sweet in Bangalore is Kayi Holige. The famous Shivoham Shiva temple is very popular in Bangalore. Bangalore is a very famous destination in India. Their hotels are so expensive. The city Bangalore comes under the fourth most expensive city in India. This city is also called the silicon valley of India because of its nation’s leading information technology exporter. This city is so beautiful to see. People come there to see the night views. There are so many beautiful gardens to see. There are so many pubs because of their night views. People go there and feel relaxed with their loved ones.

Top Wineries In Bangalore

Bangalore is famous for its beauty and nature. This place gives you the best experience to make your journey amazing. The wines of Bangalore are famous all over Karnataka. There are lots of wineries in Bangalore. All the vineyards give you the best quality in wines and an amazing experience. All the winyards are full of the all flavor wines. 

Big Banyan vineyard

This yard was situated in Bangalore 400 year ago. It is a very beautiful vineyard. This vineyard provides you with the best wine from Goa. This place is so good to see. All the rooms are covered with wood furniture and all the wine scenery pictures you can see there. You can enjoy the sunset views with the awesome taste of wine. You can also see the winemaking and taste all the flavor wines. 

Grover Zampa Vineyard

A businessman in Mumbai Kumar Grover likes the taste of food. He also loves wine taste so He decided to open the Grover Zampa Vineyard. It is a beautiful Vineyard. You can see the amazing views here and sit down and see all the sunset views and enjoy the taste of wines. The opening time of this yard is 10:30 Am to 3:00 Pm. The price to stay here is 650 on weekends. Otherwise 1000. 

Kadu Wineries

It is the first place to offer wineries. You can enjoy all the flavor wines here. This yard provides you kadu and sula wines. It is a famous wine here. You can part here at a vineyard camp. The opening time of this yard is 10:30 Am to 5:30 Pm. The cost of this yard is 500 per person. 

Living Kinvah vineyard

It is the best vineyard in Bangalore. It produces the best quality wine and lots of liters of wine to our customers. This yard offers a welcome drink or snacks. This place is famous for its cleaning, finishing and 3 course miles. The best part of this yard is they provide you with the best quality in any service. The best time to visit in this yard is 11:30Am to 4:00Pm. The cost of thi yard is 700 per head.

Myra vineyard

This yard provides you with different qualities of wine . They provide you with both red and white wines. In this yard you can enjoy high quality wines. This  is a perfect destination for wine lovers. Wine lovers enjoy lots of fun here. You can get more experience here about wines. The opening time is 9:00Am to 9:00Pm. 


Nanda vineyard

This  is a beautiful vineyard in Bangalore. The best wine offered in this yard. One thing is best about this vineyard is they provide you the best service and awesome taste in wines. You can drink different tasting and flavored wines here.

Wines Tasting in wines yard

You can enjoy different types of wines in all these yards. There are different flavors of wines , which flavor you like most you can choose easily. These yards provide you the best service and best quality in any way. Some of the yards provide you food service and some provide you a welcome drink. All the yards are full with all the facilities.

Red and white wines are offered in these yards. You can see how the wines are made. Best flavor of wines give you the best experience. The sunset view and in this view enjoy the wine taste is an amazing experience.

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