If you use treestand, you will come into contact with deer much more often as you will need holes to climb into the treetops. We choose bare trees to climb on, or we cut branches as we climb unless they are too big and/or too tall.

Among the little things I like to use to hide my treestand, I wear four or six extra-wide zippers and use strategically cut limbs and zippers. This will help separate the perimeter of the stand and the fighter and hide any movement.

Another effective thing is to get thick cedar or coniferous trees and cut the 2-3 foot tall branches with green foliage

. Place them on the side rails of the seat and on the base of the platform and close them with the zipper. If you do it right, you can disengage and finish your posture with the limbs involved. This allows you to use the same limbs over a long period of time.

Your local hobby has artificial twigs and plants that you can purchase for free. They are a good cover for treestands, stairs and shelves. These products can be permanently locked and stored on a tripod.

To hide the ladder, place a cover that will line up on each side of the ladder and around the platform. If deer don’t usually know these things, setting up a new barn can be helpful.

The hanging brackets and a treestand can be easily hidden with hinges to secure the selected cover to the side rails of the platform. By the way, many leaves have already fallen, hiding can change a lot.

Of course, it is better to use a good cover in the selected wood, but we do not always have this advantage. Creativity and the extra time to hide your opinion can make the difference between success and a great brand. 

About the author: 

Chris George has won excellent turkey races on this continent. He has a deep understanding of the habits and patterns of white-tailed adults – he has contributed $ 22 to the Pope & Young and Boone & Crockett record books. He was an ambassador of PRADCO Outdoor Brands and many others. Chris wants to share his knowledge with others, so read more of his articles here and on Moultrie Products and Summit Stand.

While we all like to believe that grains and food packs will solve our deer hunt, things suddenly change as more staple crops fall to the ground. Deer and other animals have evolved over thousands of years and ate local fodder, including acorns. Acorns on the deer table are such a valuable, acidic food that they seem to disappear from your diet and farm when the acorns start to fall.

Even if you’ve been hunting in the same area for years, it means a mature male dog will do a great job of kicking a huge acorn. We are about to reduce it and hope to give you some pointers to succeed in these difficult times.

This time of year, you need to do some serious mid-day research. 

Take the time to walk near thick debris where there is an outside pole so they don’t disturb the deer in their beds. Make sure you do this when the wind blows your smell out of bed. Remember, we’re talking from mid-October to early November, when money prepares a lot of scratches and debris for the heat. If you can find an area with a good plot near the acorns, it is probably worth hunting immediately. Sometimes you can’t get a good signal and you have to search somehow to see if anyone is home. You can still hang the tracker on the board and watch what happens after a few days.

This series of games can bring great benefits. I often carry my caterpillar when I come across oaks that I know how to use with deer from year to year. So when I find a warm tree on the ground with acorns, chew clams, and deer remains, I’m done. When my treestand is with me, I find a tree and look for it for night hunting. Or, once you find a good tree suitable for a treestand , you can sneak up on it and hunt the next morning or evening. The treestand gives you the freedom to set the optimum wind direction for a particular yacht. Be mobile with the treestand. You must have the best treestands in order to enjoy hustle free hunting.

Also, keep in mind that the forecast will increase rapidly this season.

 Placing a forged squeegee near these areas can shut down men. Using Grave Digger is an important part of those fake scraps as it will extend the life of your shipments and save up to 30 days on upgrades. Another tool I use is the soothing belt. The quiet zone is the scent you get from the boots or trees in your hunting area. It smells like deer and softens deer when they enter the area.

Remember, things are changing fast this time of year. You may need to jump from deer to deer if the deer are eating acorns under a separate tree. That’s why playground equipment is so valuable in this ever-changing season.

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