7 Different Types Of Woods Used In Construction

7 Different Types Of Woods Used In Construction

Trees and woods are an integral part of the development of civilization. Many types of woods have been used from paleolithic times to construct buildings and manufacturing several tools, furniture, and weapons. And, in ancient times, the use of wood depends on availability, quality, and cost.

However, wood is the hard and fibrous material that forms the trunk and branches of shrubs and trees. There are various structural and non-structural applications that should be taken into consideration. This is one of the widely preferred materials that can be used to build houses, boats, and shelters. Wood is a natural material that is beneficial for use in construction purposes such as it is relatively low in heat conductivity such as marble, glass, and steel. It means wood is resistant to high temperatures. It even absorbs echo and sound, which is why it is the favorite element for the construction of residential structures and offices.

Types of wood 

There are different types of woods are available that possess complex properties in nature, such as strength, color, and texture. For wood buyers, it is imperative to know various types of wood that best for construction purposes.

Here are 7 different types of woods that can be used for construction purposes.


  1. Pine wood

Pinewood is a white and softwood that is light yellow in color. This wood is straight-grained and light in weight, and it resists swelling, shrinkage, and warping. Pine mainly grows in the Northern Hemisphere, and it is also found in some parts of India that include the western part of the Himalayas, Nagpur, and Assam. The Pinewood is used to make several indoor and outdoor furniture. It is used to make flooring, paving materials, windows, and doors.

  1. Cedar wood 

Cedarwood is a kind of knotty softwood, which has red-brown color and having light lines. Cedar is usually soft when compares to other softwoods. This wood is aromatic with a uniform texture and also resistant to insects. This is the famous wood that is used for chests, boxes, and lining drawers. Storage closets and simple cases are also made from this wood.

  1. Firwood 

Firwood has a reddish-brown in color with a uniform texture. This wood has poor resistance to insects and decay. This wood cannot be stained and used as the raw form. This wood is found in Europe, Asia, North America, and Central America. This wood is used to manufacture doors, frames, plywood windows, veneer, and interior trim.

  1. Spruce wood 

Spruce Wood is hard and strong in nature. The spruce wood has minimum resistance to decay and is light in weight with moderate shrinkage. Sprue is usually found in Europe, America, Alaska, Asia, and Canada. This wood is commonly used for spars of ships, aircraft, cladding, paneling, crates, boxes, paneling, and ladders.

  1. Hemlock wood 

Hemlock wood has moderate strength and is light in weight. This wood is also non-resinous and has less resistance to decay. Hemlock wood is quite likely to shrinkage like different softwoods such as firewood. You can use this wood for the construction of doors, boards, planks, lumber, joinery, and subflooring.

  1. Teak wood

Teak wood is one of the well-known types of hardwood that is golden-brown in color and extremely durable, strong, and heavy. Not even this, this wood is weather-resistant and wrap-resistant. The natural oil present in teak makes this wood more valuable makes it pest and termite resistant also. This wood is quite expensive than other types of wood. usually, this wood is found in south and southeast Asia. this wood is commonly used to manufacture wooden furniture, and it is the best choice for outdoor applications such as lounge chairs and garden benches.

  1. Rosewood

Rosewood is also the type of hardwood that is dark-reddish brown in color. This wood has a unique aroma, but this wood needs lots of polishing. However, rosewood is classified as the East India rosewood, Brazilian rosewood, Madagascar rosewood, Amazon rosewood, and many others. Rosewood is used to make musical instruments, furniture, art projects, and decorative veneers. In some studies, it is concluded that rosewood is also used to cure several diseases, such as; eye disorders and blood disorders.


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