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Your Home Devices Could slow Down your Internet Connection

We live in a world that is electronically linked. It all starts with a smartphone, which almost everyone has. Thanks to gadgets like Google Home and Alexa, it has made its way into the house. We can start and stop a music playlist, check the weather forecast, or acquire a Chicken Parmesan recipe with only a single voice command. They’ve grown into security gadgets that keep you safe at home and on the go. These gadgets are classified as IoT, or Internet of Things, on the internet. Additionally, if you have numerous gadgets in your house operating simultaneously, your internet connection may be slowed. Are you searching for the best Xfinity internet plans in my area?

What is the Internet of Things, and why does it matter to me?

Put another way, the Internet of Things refers to everything that can connect to the internet. It does, however, go beyond this word since, as internet-connected devices expand, IoT must change as well. These gadgets have advanced to the point that they can now communicate. These “smart gadgets” take data, evaluate it, and then decide what to do next depending on the parameters provided in their programming. The person who adjusts these settings is usually the device’s owner. A Home Device, for example, may listen for a user to say a phrase, activate when that keyword is spoken, and then offer specified results.

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Now comes the problem with IoT devices. Users seldom think when they acquire them that they would be consuming the same bandwidth as their internet and streaming gadgets. Your Alexa home assistant, Ring doorbell, and Nest home security system will all be powered by the same 10Mbps or 25Mbps internet connection you use to access Facebook and watch Netflix. If you do not have the required internet speed, this might use up a lot of bandwidth and create a visible delay in your internet connection, depending on your device’s setup.

What gadgets use the most bandwidth?

As previously said, IoT refers to everything that connects to the internet, and we’ve already highlighted some of the items that fall within this category. But, first and foremost, how do these gadgets use your bandwidth?

Home Assistants have a minimal bandwidth need. These only come on when you speak to them. However, things change when you use them to stream music, as a phone, or as a listening device.
Smart Bulbs have a low bandwidth need. They get the signal to activate, and that’s all there is to it.
Thermostats — A little more bandwidth, but still somewhat limited. Because you may check it or access it more often while you are away from home than a lamp or other smart home gadget.
Medium-bandwidth door locks. Using your gadget to lock and unlock doors regularly costs about the same as a thermostat.

why does it matter to me?

Bandwidth varies for doorbells. Whether you have an audio-only or video version will determine this. It will also depend on whether it records and where it is stored. Continuous monitoring will result in excessive bandwidth utilization.
Bandwidth varies for security systems. It will depend on how much security is put up, like doorbells. High bandwidth utilization will always be caused by audio recording and cameras.
Unless you have the correct internet connection, your internet connection might rapidly get congested and slow to a crawl with so many IoT home devices connecting simultaneously, all utilizing the same bandwidth. Because your device often connects to a Wi-Fi network, even though most routers nowadays can handle up to 200 devices at once, the situation might be difficult.

How can I get around a congested network?

You want to be able to browse the web without a page crashing or slowing down while loading. You have faith in your internet connection to enable you to stream without the dreaded buffering circle. However, you’ll be in a pickle if you don’t consider that the new security feature for your house designed to safeguard your gadgets is the exact thing that will cause those devices to stop working correctly. But what can you do if your home devices slow your internet connection?

Here are some tips for reducing bandwidth usage:

  1. Reduce the resolution of your surveillance video camera (s.)
  2. Change how your security camera(s) or audio device(s) activates by changing the settings.
  3. Reducing video quality when broadcasting over the internet may also assist IoT concerns.
  4. Instead of streaming over Wi-Fi, download your favorite music playlists and videos.
  5. The more devices you connect to a network, the more IoT problems you’ll face. You have your smartphones, PCs, laptops, smart TVs, and other streaming devices; then you have the smart devices we stated; and finally, you have the smart devices we mentioned; sometimes, you only need better internet service.

Overall, the Comlink Bundle is the correct solution. Comlink Bundle isn’t your typical internet provider. Anybody may provide an internet connection. What you’ll need is enough bandwidth to manage all of your IoT devices while still leaving space for expansion if you decide to add more to your house.

The Comlink Bundle is the answer to your IoT problems!

The Comlink Bundle delivers a first-class, symmetrical internet connection. This is critical when it comes to bandwidth and the Internet of Things. The term “symmetrical” refers to the fact that your download and upload speeds are the same. You’ll never have to deal with latency or difficulties with IoT devices again. We have speeds ranging from 100Mbps to 1GiG. You choose the bundle that best fits your family’s and device’s needs.

Another excellent feature of Comlink Bundle is that we don’t impose data limitations or throttle you when you reach a certain level or during ‘peak hours,’ as some other internet providers do. You have constantly connected on Comlink Bundle dedicated lines and have a lightning-fast connection. When your home gadgets are slowing down your internet connection, we are the answer.

Comlink Bundle is accessible in several multi-family areas around the country, including New York, New Jersey, South Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, Washington, D.C., Florida, and California. Give us a call or drop us an email to learn more about how Comlink Bundle might benefit your IoT-connected home. Contact one of our representatives right now. We are accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for your convenience.

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