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Yoga For Anxiety: Different Yoga Poses & Their Working

Do you know 8 out 10 people suffering from anxiety turns to yoga practice? Why? Because practicing yoga for anxiety is one of the best ways to keep your nerves in check. You get plenty of exercises in your arsenal to bring your awareness to your breath and get the anxiety graph to normal. However, many people wonder how practicing yoga for anxiety is going to help them.

So, this article is going to take you through yoga for anxiety poses and other important elements. It aims to relieve mental tension in your mind and enhance your overall well-being. Without any delay, get going.

What is Yoga For Anxiety?

The art of yoga consists of numerous physical and mental practices. These help you stay aware of your present moment. Anxiety boosts when you think about something that you can’t control. Hence, your mind triggers certain chemicals that increase your anxiety.

Practicing yoga for anxiety keeps a check over these chemicals. Moreover, the practice of yoga poses and other mental exercises keeps your thoughts in check. This helps you have a simple and peaceful life. You can even join a yoga teacher training course to learn yoga from yoga experts.

So, to help you further, here are some of the easiest poses of yoga for anxiety to keep your nerves under check. Keep reading.

Best Poses of Yoga For Anxiety

Hero Pose

Breathing is one of the most important elements that is going to help you with anxiety disorder. In that case, the Hero pose is going to rescue you by helping you find the center of your being. Furthermore, this yoga pose brings stillness to your life.

Tree Pose

If you lose balance in your life, practicing the Tree pose is going to help you with that. Further, this pose of yoga for anxiety helps you bring your attention inward. Moreover, with the right breathing and focus, it quietens your racing thoughts. That is enough to revitalize your life.

Standing Forward Bend

Have you ever calmed your body and mind after an intense workout? Most people bend forward to let the gush of blood cool their heads. That is the sole aim of practicing the Standing Forward Bend pose. It lowers your head that improves the flow of blood to your brain. Hence, it calms your mind and mental mechanisms instantly.

Puppy Pose

Do you know what is the best way to flush all the anxiety out of your mind and body? It is by stretching out your spine. The best way to do that is by practicing the Puppy pose. This yoga pose opens your heart and helps in lengthening your spine. Hence, regular practice of this pose of yoga for anxiety relieves your body from tension.

Child’s Pose

One of the best mind-calming poses of yoga for anxiety is the Child’s pose. This also relaxes your body by removing muscle fatigue from your legs. Moreover, touching your head to the ground in front of you releases stiffness from your upper and lower back. Furthermore, it also works on your ankles and toes. Hence, this pose of yoga eases out stress from your overall body without any pressure.

Legs Up The Wall

Relaxing your body is one of the best methods to remove anxiety and stress from your life. That is why the Legs Up The Wall pose comes into play. This pose of yoga for anxiety makes it easier for your heart to pump blood to your vital organs. Furthermore, it also helps you tap into the parasympathetic nervous system. In short, you relieve your mind and body without doing anything with this pose of yoga.

All these poses of yoga for anxiety work wonders for regular yoga practitioners. However, the question that people often is – whether these yoga poses will help in the reduction of anxiety? Or, how do they work to curb anxiety? If you are also confronted with these questions, make sure you read the following points.

Do Poses of Yoga For Anxiety Works?

The shortest answer is YES! They do work. Researchers compared a group of yoga for anxiety practitioners with non-practitioners. The results were astonishing.

People who practice yoga for anxiety regularly have:

  • Lower stress levels

  • Minimal symptoms of depression

  • Reduction in anxiety attacks

  • Less psychological stress

  • Low blood pressure

  • Boosted self-confidence

As you can see, regular practitioners gain a lot of positive things in life. So, this is evident that yoga for anxiety does work.

Sum Up

One important thing that might come in handy over time is to invest in learning yoga from yoga masters. For that matter, joining 200 hours or 300-hour yoga teacher training could be a great option. Diving much deeper into the art of yoga is going to harness a positive impact on your mind and body that is going to increase the impact of yoga on anxiety.

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