cleaning curtains is important

Why cleaning curtains is important?

Homeowners often neglect to clean curtains in their cleaning routine. After all, we don’t walk or touch curtains as regularly as we do upholstery and carpet, so how can they get dirty? Unfortunately, like any other upholstery or carpet, curtains get dirty very gradually, so gradually that we don’t notice it. Often, we don’t even realize that they are dirty at all until we have used the services of a professional curtain cleaning company.

The fact is that our curtains do get dirty. Although we don’t touch them as often as we do carpets or upholstered furniture, they are in constant contact with the air that circulates through our home, and with that air comes dust.

Reasons of cleaning

Over time, curtains act as an air filter, trapping all the dust. The dust particles become denser and denser, which causes the curtains to lose their bright colors over time and become dull. Also, a musty smell sticks to the curtains, so the rest of the house, no matter how clean it is, never smells as fresh as it could. In addition to the aesthetic aspect and the smell, it is also important to remember that dust particles caught in curtains are allergens that affect the health of everyone living in the house, especially asthmatics.

Why should you use a professional curtain cleaning service?

Of all the upholstered furniture and fabrics in the house, curtains and carpets are the most difficult to maintain. You can’t put curtains and rugs in the washing machine every time they look dirty and hope they look good again. They require special care.


First of all, you need to maintain them regularly to keep them as clean as possible without having to wash them. Vacuum your curtains weekly with the upholstery nozzle on your vacuum cleaner to keep them dust-free. Some curtains can be washed at home, especially if they are made of synthetic fabrics, rayon, etc. Check the washing instructions for your curtains. In most cases, it states that they need to be dry cleaned.

Washing if possible

However, if they are home washable, you should do a wash test on a small piece of fabric before putting the curtains in the machine or bathtub. If the color begins to fade, don’t take a chance by having the curtains cleaned at home. It is possible that the lining of your curtains is not colorfast. If you try to wash them at home, your curtains will lose their luster and deteriorate. Curtains can be cleaned at home by vacuuming with a brush attachment. Use a furniture cleaning spray, spray it on and wipe away fingerprints and other faint stains. Make a weak soap solution with liquid detergent and apply it to the rolled-up lampshade with a sponge. Rinse it off with a clean sponge soaked in freshwater. Allow the curtains to dry before rolling them up.

Dry Cleaning

Cleaning curtains is a big problem for most homeowners, as it’s not easy to wash and clean them yourself at home. Dry cleaning is often the only option. Curtains are very expensive and require special attention. Fabrics can shrink if handled by inexperienced cleaners. If your curtains and drapes are made of natural fabrics such as silk, cotton, and linen. They will be ruined if handled by untrained professionals.

Velvet and other heavy fabrics are very difficult to handle, let alone clean. When you take your velvet curtains to the dry cleaners. They should have a machine large enough to handle the bulky fabric.

Hire a professional cleaner

Curtains and drapes add glamour and elegance to a room. They are functional, protect from sunlight and maintain privacy. To keep your home looking nice and neat, you need to pay attention to curtain cleaning.

Curtain cleaning companies can be hired to brighten curtains and remove allergens that cause musty smells and dull curtains. The best part is that they can clean your curtains at home without having to take them down, minimizing the inconvenience to you.




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