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Why Chipped and Remapped Cars Pass MOT?

While everyone is well aware of the importance of MOT, many do not know what an MOT is and what are the parameters that are checked in it. It is a mandatory test, as recommended by the government. Simply put, an MOT test is a test to ensure that there are good conditioned cars on the road, which ultimately assures the safety of drivers. It means that any vehicle in good condition will pass the test and the others will not. Anyhow, the question that is poses here is, can the modified cars pass the test? Yes, they do, as long as the modifications have not harmed any part of the car. Therefore, the case with chipping and remapping is no different. Although remapping is a bit of a huge modification, it does not negatively alter any part.

Before going deep into the reasons why chipped and remapped cars pass MOT, you need to understand what leads to a failure in the MOT test. If any of the significant parts of the vehicle like the Rover Engine, exhaust system, fuel system, and other minor elements like tyres, windshields, brake lights, and indicator lights go out of order, your car is likely to fail the test.

Let’s thoroughly assess if tunning or remapping leads to making these elements go out of order or not.

1- Impact on Engine:

Pass MOT

The remapping, in which the ECU(Engine control unit) is altered, positively impacts the engine. It enables an engine to perform at its optimum capability. It increases torque and horsepower by more than 20%, making it extra efficient. The exceptions are made to the cases when unprofessional technicians write the software. But, a professional technician assures that the alterations are kept within the engine’s capability. Therefore, an appropriate remapping affects the engine neither in the short nor in the long term. It only impacts its performance, which complies with the MOT test. A remapping that leads to the failure of the Rover Engine will ultimately fail the test. Every test impact on a car engine will be checked through professionals.

2- Impact on Exhaust System:

The impact of Tunning on the exhaust system is yet another simple but misconceived concept. No engine can attain horsepower without a well-working exhaust system. If the remap affects the exhaust system, the engine will never be able to perform at the optimum. Therefore, a fine-tuned car means a well-conditioned engine and exhaust system, which further leads to passing the MOT test. If car exhaust is bad then it will impact on the engine.

3- Impact on Fuel System:

Tunning or remapping has no direct impact on the carA fine-tuned car will definitely pass the MOT test because fuel consumption may increase or decrease depending on the type of remapping, but it will be efficiently burning fuel. And the MOT test checks if this process is aptly working. In the case of a bad-tuned car, it can affect the engine and may increase fuel consumption. It can impact the fuel system in the long run. Therefore, damage to the fuel system can cause the failure of the MOT test.

4- Impact on Body of Car:

Tunning and remapping have no impact on the other small parts of the car like brakes, tyres, windshield, brake lights, and indicator light. A fine-tuned car will not impact these parts, and it will be, definitely, able to pass the MOT test.

In a nutshell, you should not worry about the MOT test if the car gas has undergone a remap or tunning. All that matters to pass the test is having it done by an expert. You should not even worry about the MOT test for Land Rover Engine Reconditioning

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