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What’s the Hype Around Flynova Flying Spinner?

Have you seen a colourful ball flying around in the park or streets? Yes, the flying ball with the neon light. It’s the Flynova Flying Spinner. Recently, the social media markets, online shops, and everyone are thrilled about the hype and increased demand for this ball. But what’s so special about it? Let’s have a detailed look into this ball, how it works, and its features. Let’s dive in!

The Boomerang Ball

This high-tech ball is like a boomerang ball; wherever you push it, it’ll come back to you like a boomerang. That’s why it’s called often called the boomerang ball. It has endless features and can perform several tricks. Please read below to find out more about its features.

Features of Flynova Pro

  1. Safety Guaranteed

It may look like it can hurt if you touch it. However, it is not! It is safety guaranteed and 100% safe to playtime. It’s made in a protective casing with premium quality material to ensure it’s completely safe to grab with bare hands. Moreover, the material is non-toxic and eco-friendly.

  1. Portable

It’s very lightweight and portable. You can easily carry it anywhere you like, such as hiking, night camping, parks, beech, parties, school, and literally EVERYWHERE!

  1. Drop-Resistant

If you’re thinking of this Flynova Pro hitting any surface or object because it has fantastic drop resistance technology. It will sense when it’s near any object, surface, or person; it’ll slow down its speed and stops naturally.

  1. Stylish

It can have a high-tech look and is styled in a ravishing spherical design. Anyone who looks at this ball will get attracted to it and want to know more about it and play with it.

  1. One-Button On

You don’t need several steps to turn the toy on because it only has the one-button-on feature. It’ll get turned and display fabulous lights when you press that button.

Although, the start button is located on the top of the toy within the cross braces. Finding your way to the button can be a bit bothersome, but you must try it!

  1. Rechargeable Design

It can really irritate anyone if the battery dies in the middle of playtime. It can be a big mood destroyer! However, Flynova’s battery life is high; if the battery ends, it only needs 30 minutes of charging to get it full and ready for play. It comes with a USB charging cable that you can connect to a power bank, notebook, phone adapter, car charger, etc.

  1. Tricky Stunts!

You can show off your imaginary and tricky magical powers with this boomerang ball. When you push it, it’ll perform eye-catching stunts such as fly, gloat, glide, climb, slow down, dodge, and then come back to you always!

  1. Dynamic RGB Lights

The lights this ball shows are irresistible! They look eye-catching and grab everyone’s attention toward it. It contains three neon lights, and all are amazing.

Little tip: use it at night; it’ll look nothing less than a shooting star.

Is it a Better Stunt Toy than Stunt Cars?

The fame this Pro ball is getting is out of the mind! There used to be a time when kids were impressed greatly by remote control stunt cars, but now the game has changed, and this ball is over to win all the challenges and stunts! We can say it’s better than lots of stunt cars now! You can easily find this toy anywhere in the UK in any kid’s toy shop. However, if you want the best one, try iBuyGreat!

What Are Remote Controlled Toys?

Remote control toys are toys that can be controlled and monitored from a distant position. These toys are self-powered and do not require any external force to get or push them to start the action. However, the remote control does the job.

How Do Remote Controlled Toys Work?

Unlike the basic car toys that work on friction or are battery-powered, the radio-controlled or remote-controlled toys work on signals. The toy works on the signal-sending and receiving process. The remote control acts as a signal sender, and the car acts as a signal receiver.


When the player (your kid) sends the signals by pressing a button on the remote control, the radiowaves are released into the air and then captured by the linked receiver (car). When the car receives the radiowaves, the car operates accordingly and starts doing the action.

Types of Remote Control Toys

There are alot of types of Rc toys available in the toy market. But take your time because we have listed the most popular and demanded RC toy types below. Read below to find out!

RC Stunt Cars

The Rc stunt cars are yet the most popular in the range of RC toys because of the versatility of actions they promise. These toys can flip, roll, move at a 360-degree angle, jump off big obstacles, do offroading, and much more. Your kid will never get tired of playing with remote control stunt cars toys!

RC Aircrafts

Some kids are just natural fans of flying game objects. They stand still to see the helicopters and aeroplanes flying whenever they hear their simulated sound. The RC toy helicopters and Rc aircraft are operated by the same process of remote control function. The remote control planes and remote control helicopter fly at the command and amaze kids to their best!

RC Race Cars

Need for speed lovers aboard! Some kids are always drooling over race car video games and want to play real-life car racing games. For such kids, the remote control race car toys are nothing less than a dream come true. They can play with it, lift their racing passion, and win all the games. It will give them the real-life thrill of racing competitions and develop great confidence of courage in them.


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