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What Type of Food Can Be Included in Halal Food?

You may be living in a multicultural society and might know that there are specific food, drinks, and activities that are completely censured in different cultures and religions. You might be familiar with the idea of Halal in Islam. Halal is a concept in Islam to state what is lawful and allowed. They include activities, food, and drinks that are religiously permissible. Quran- the holy book of Muslims- has mentioned it by juxtaposing it with Haram- the forbidden. So, there exists a fine line between what is allowed and not allowed for Muslims. Islamic law makes it definite for the followers of the faith to abstain from certain acts and food. And Muslims all over the world strictly follow the law. In terms of Halal food, you must know what counts into Halal Takeaway.

1- Grains and Cereals:

Grains and the products made with grains are halal in Islam. These include rice, wheat, corn, barley, oats, millet, buckwheat, among others. The products made with grains like bread, oatmeal, brown rice, cereals, and whole wheat flour are also halal. The only condition is that no such product is made with a Haram product like alcohol, lard, or real and artificial vanilla extract.

2- Fruits and Vegetables:

All fruits and vegetables are halal including fresh, frozen, dried, and canned. Fruit and vegetable oils and juices are also Halal. But, the beverages made with these fruits and vegetables are Haram, such as wine and alcohol. The kinds of margarine containing monoglycerides and diglycerides of the animal source are also Haram.

3- Meat Products:

Many types of meat and meat products are halal in Islam if they are slaughtered according to the Islamic law called Zibah. Halal meat includes Seafood, beef, mutton, and chicken. But, the halal animals which naturally die become Haram. Meat alternatives, including seeds, nuts, eggs, peanut butter, dried beans, lentils, and peas, are also Halal. Pigs and boars top the list when it comes to Haram food. But, carnivorous meat, including lions, tigers, cats, dogs, and wolves, is also restricted from consumption. All types of Insects and birds of prey like eagles, falcons, and vultures are not Halal. Any product that contains the meat of the above Haram animals is also abandoned from eating like sausages, ham, bacon, and deli meats.

4- Milk and Dairy Products:

Milk and dairy products are also Halal according to Islamic law. Halal dairy products include Milk, yoghurt, cheese, ice cream, and other products made with dairy products. The dairy products made with lipase, pepsin, gelatin, and animal rennet are not Halal. Milk is very useful for our body it makes strong our body and brain as well as stomach. Not milk is helpful all dairy products are helpful for our body.

5- Drinks and Beverages:

Beverages like carbonated drinks, fruit juices, vegetable juices, punch, cocktails, coffee and tea are Halal. Whereas beverages like beer, wine, alcohol, and liqueur are not.

6- Others: 

Fats and oils, which include butter, margarine, mayonnaise, and vegetable oils, are Halal. Deserts made with halal ingredients are also Halal. The sweeteners, including syrups, chocolate liquor, sugar, and honey, are also Halal. But those prepared with haram products like alcohol and vanilla extract-pure and artificial-is not Halal.

Where to Get Halal Food:

Quite many times, I have seen people who have Muslim friends clueless about the food selection when they invite them over. If that is the case with you, you can prepare food using the Halal ingredients mentioned above or order from a restaurant. You can simply search Halal Takeaway Near Meand the search engine will show up lots of results. You can simply place an order and relax.  

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