What should be taken into account when photographing rain?

What should be taken into account when photographing rain?

Many professional photographers consider rainy days the perfect times to break up the routine. But you still have to follow a few tips , before going out blindly. Photographing the rain can be an incredible experience, but it also comes with some risks. Here are some things to consider. If the photographer gets wet, that’s okay, but if it’s your camera, it can mean a very high repair cost. There are several ways to protect your camera when going out to photograph in the rain, but the most common is the waterproof case or cover. Remember that good protection should completely cover the camera, while still giving you easy access to its controls.

Use flash to freeze raindrops

Just like you’ve used a flash to freeze motion on more than one occasion, you can also use it to freeze raindrops in the air. Use your camera’s shutter speed. If you go for slower shutter speeds, you will cause the rain to be blurry. If, on the other hand, you use a higher shutter speed, you will be able to freeze any movement.

Include raindrops in your macro photos.

While macro photography is a challenge in itself, practicing it on a rainy day will give the experience much more emotion. By including a raindrop in your image, you will add texture and create a different vibe. You can use the falling rain as a background to photograph an insect or a plant or, conversely, let the raindrops stand out. So don’t hesitate to attach a macro lens to your photos in the rain.

Look for emotions to photograph the rain

A rainy day will produce totally different effects depending on the model. You can put someone in a bad mood because they left their umbrella at home and are already soaking wet. But it can also translate into the joy of children playing in the rain. Do not capture these emotions for your photos . You yourself can freeze someone’s portrait in the rain.

You can photograph the rain artistically

Why not give abstract photography an opportunity? The shapes and textures produced by the rain are so many vectors of the imagination. You can experiment with city traffic lights, street lights, and even introduce an element that creates a distortion. You will certainly obtain original shapes which, if they are not completely identifiable, can be guessed.

Photograph objects in the rain

You can perfectly photograph an object that you want to keep a refreshing or contrasting touch. Why not give that touch of originality to a product photo? This can be a good idea for a fruit juice, an electronic device, a personal hygiene product… Get out of your photo studio and look for something new on a rainy day. If this photo discipline interests you, we give you some tips here to familiarize yourself with product photography. Check for more info here.

Dramatize the atmosphere to photograph the rain

A rainy day can result in an overcast and gray sky which gives a dismal atmosphere. Use it for a more dramatic and dark photo.  You can use the rain to create a frame, the low light and lighting accessories to produce the effect you want and even photograph a sky that announces a thunderstorm.

The rain falls all year round but let’s say that from October to April you might find more than one opportunity to go out to photograph the rain. You now know the advice to follow so that a rainy day is no longer synonymous with staying at home. Apply these tips and you will produce the best shots in the rain.

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