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Advantages And Disadvantages of Using Ionic App Development

Ionic app is an open-source software kit to develop a cross-platform app. It is an HTML5 mobile app development that builds hybrid mobile apps. Ionic comes with user interface elements and layouts available on iOS or Android mobile, but before, they didn’t exist on the web.

Iconic uses web technologies like JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. Now people can create apps and can add them to an app store.

A top-notch ionic app development company was created in the year has become the world’s popular cross-platform mobile development technology. It only requires Node.js installed to function as a part of the JavaScript ecosystem. It contains everything you need to develop an app and lays the foundations for more advanced versions.

When you are at the start of developing an application, there is always a question of which platforms to choose? The iOS or Android or both is the most significant decision to be made. There are many cross platforms available right now in accordance with the mobile development. Here in this article, we will be discussing the pros and cons of this framework.

What is the Ionic mobile app development?

This mobile app development created back in 2013 is an open source for creating any hybrid applications. With time there are over five million applications that have been created using this platform. The presence of specific UI elements is what makes this unique among other sources. The Ionic contains a catalog of elements that could be designed according to your choice later on. It could be the bootstrap elements like the cards, toggles any columns/grids. The specialty of these elements to look in accordance with the platform of your choice be it iOS or Android is the most sought after quality. You can discover here for best ionic framework app development here for your mobile application development process of yours.


The traditional native development would be taking you through a very detailed process of development whereas the Ionic framework will be providing you with a production ready application. The additional quality of using even the standard web development technologies as opposed to java, swift is another point developers look forward to.

Ionic features

Ionic is an HTML5 framework, and it needs a wrapper like a Phone Gap or Cordova to run the native apps. These wrappers are a tool for building mobile apps using web technologies. Ionic uses Apache Cordova plug-ins which provide access to the native functions like sensors, gyroscope, or built-in camera. It acts as a bridge between the device’s operating system and Web View.

Top-notch ionic app development companies are free to set available with Community Edition, and it also has an extended version created by Ionic’s team called Enterprise Edition.


Single codebase for multiple apps

Iconic builds multiple apps with a single code. When clients need a new app, they want a single platform for one. The ionic app has many users, so having one codebase for multiple apps makes much sense.

If there is a bug in the app, it is better to solve it in one place instead of many.

  • Reduces cost to solve the problem.
  • Easy maintenance of instruments and tools.
  • It Saves time to market on both platforms.
  • Helps to transform your ionic application into a desktop app.


Ionic is built on standardized web technologies developers can build mobile apps. This means it is easy to find the resources to create an app on ionic.

It is a very easy-to-learn tool. The new developers can quickly grasp the basics and can choose between the web frameworks that support ionic.


Top-notch ionic app Development Company operates through web view, so the developers can use a device browser to test the app. There is no need to deploy the app to the emulator from a device for preview, and this will save time when making UI changes.

You can even use mobile devices to run the app for testing. Ionic offers built-in testing and debugging tools that help the testing process.


Ionic provides ready-made UI elements that can be easily customized according to users’ preferences to make an attractive app prototype. Top-notch ionic app development companies‘ team maintains a prototype tool called ionic creator, which helps developers.




Iconic doesn’t support heavy applications. So for this, ionic is not a good choice. Ionic graphic elements via browser take several steps to show images on the screen. Using Web View on the application shows promising results for the standard functionality of the mobile application.


As Ionic develops web technologies that need to consider web security and native app security issues. It is a developer issue to check the security as app creation is dependent on the company’s processes and the developer’s experience and skills.

It’s important to consider web security as well as mobile security. Ionic communicates only the backend typical HTTP calls. The developer must protect their application using the same measures used on websites.


Writing the app using HTML, JavaScript, and CSS means adding codes and libraries, dependencies, etc., making the app heavier than the other native ones.

Ionic provides uglification which is a code minification technique. Using this, you can reduce the size of the icons, delete the unused styles, images, and fonts to minimize the size of the app.


According to the requirements of your app, you can decide which app to use. Top-notch ionic app development companies can become a better choice than native development apps. The ionic app development is highly preferred in the market. PWA and iconic app development complement each other and can cover different journeys of the users.

The tools used in the apps are not good or bad.

In the case of ionic app development, it develops applications utilizing well-known technologies. It saves the team’s budget, time, and effort in developing the platforms for the developers.

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