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What Packaging Materials do I need for a Move?

Taking into account how big moving a house is, it is advisable to have a clear arrangement of the packaging materials you are going to need. When you have everything you need to buy, you can start packing slowly at your own pace.

Quality packing items can save you a lot of time and money. Just by figuring out the specifics, you can make the whole process much effortless.

What type of packaging materials do you need for a move?

Sorting out your belongings along with the types of boxes you would need is the first step of organising a house move.

packaging materials

Although the necessities changes depending on the items one is packing, some of the quintessential packing supplies remain the same.

House moving boxes

Corrugated house moving boxes are an absolute necessity for any kind of moving. These are practical, durable and extremely efficient in packing all sorts of household items.

As an expert in the industry, we say to have at least three different types of moving boxes—small boxes, medium size boxes and a few large ones.

The exact number of boxes you would be needing obviously depends on how much you are transporting and how far you are moving.

For fragile items like glassware or photo frames, it is better to go for double wall corrugated house moving boxes and add bubble wraps for cushioning.

Wardrobe boxes

While moving boxes works fine with most household items, the same cannot be said for clothes. Clothes tend to get wrinkles when packed in small boxes.

That’s why it is advisable to invest in some high-quality wardrobe boxes. These are special boxes equipped with hanging rails where you can hang your clothes. They are incredibly sturdy and can hold a lot of clothes at a time.

The best part is you can use them to store special gowns or seasonal dresses in the future.

Packing tapes

Packaging tapes are one of the most important supplies. A good quality packing tape will ensure that your package is sealed properly.

If you are not moving very far, brown packing tapes are the ones to look for. They are strong and durable during transport shock of road impacts. For overseas, go for vinyl tapes. They are water-proof and highly robust.

If you have a house full of items to pack and seal, investing in a packing tape dispenser is a smart idea. It will not only speed up the whole process, but will save you from tapes getting stuck to themselves!

Other than packing tapes, strong ropes or moving straps come in handy for keeping the materials in place so that they don’t move inside the truck.

Brown wrapping paper

Packing paper doesn’t leave ink stains on your precious items. Things like kitchen utensils, glassware sets need to be very well-cushioned and wrapped neatly. This gives them protection against scratches and breaks.

Bubble wrap rolls

This is quite effective to protect electronics and other breakable products. The air-filled pockets help to absorb shock, compressions during transit and keep your belonging safe.

Bubble wrap rolls can also be used to pack oddly-shaped fragile items like sculptures, a few electronic appliances and so on.

Markers and tags

Most people aren’t aware of the importance markers and tags have for a move. But labelling boxes according to their designated rooms keep you sane during unpacking.

Without labelling you won’t be able to know what content each box has and it will take ages for the whole unpacking process.

Where to get the packaging supplies?

Sometimes when people are on a tight budget, they go for used packing boxes from neighbours, local shops, friends and family.

While saving a few packing boxes from e-commerce delivery is a good idea, depending entirely on that isn’t efficient. Professional wrapping cannot be substituted with old and used supplies.

Instead, to ensure the safety of your belongings, choose an online packaging supplier like Wellpack Europe. This way you can get everything you need within a budget. You can take your time to browse and compare the packaging materials to get a good deal that works for you.

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