Ways to Use Solar Energy in Your Garden

Ways to Use Solar Energy in Your Garden

Do you like spending time in your garden? It doesn’t matter whether your garden is a tiny vertical one or a spacious one in your suburban home. Any garden is a good one as it allows you to step into a secluded area of plants, flowers, and greenery that will help you relax and unwind. For your garden to thrive, you’ll need a lot of time, money, and effort; not to mention sun and water. It’s not just the plants that can benefit from powerful solar energy – here’s how you can utilize it in your garden:

Water fountains and fish ponds

If you’re looking into getting a fountain or even a small fish pond for your garden, you’ll be happy to learn that solar energy will be of use. Water fountains and fish ponds help your garden stand out among other similar gardens, but these require electrical cords to work. Also, keeping them on all day long will result in rather steep electricity bills at the end of the month. Fortunately, you can power the pumps in both fountains and fish ponds with solar energy. Not only is it cheaper, but it’s safer too because you’re not mixing electricity with water. Avoiding accidents while making your garden look more beautiful and inviting sounds like a dream!

Get a special sprinkler timer

If you have a spacious garden with a pretty lawn, you probably spend a fair amount of time maintaining and watering it. Sadly, as pretty as this makes your lawn, it also requires a lot of time and effort on your part. With water pumps being very tiresome and demanding, it’s no wonder people are looking for alternative solutions. If you’re sick and tired of having to power your water pump manually or use some sort of fuel to keep it running, look into getting yourself a solar-powered sprinkler timer. These are incredibly easy to use because solar panels are an eco-friendly and energy-saving solution. You can set the time for watering depending on the day or even the month. And the best thing is that these sprinklers can water not only gardens but flowers too if you happen to be away.

Light the way

Because there are so many different types of solar lights and generators out there, you can use them for a variety of different tasks. One of the most popular ones, however, is to light up a dark path through the garden. This can be something simple and practical, like putting up a few smaller lights so that you can see your way to and from your garden shed in the dark, or you can kick it up a notch. There are people who create elaborate solar silhouettes just to light up their driveway and make it look like something out of a fairy tale. The good thing about them is that they don’t use electricity, so you can set up as many as your heart desires and not worry about getting a high electricity bill at the end of the month.

Decorate with solar lights

It looks like outdoor solar garden lights are by far the most popular way to utilize solar energy in the garden. Not just that, but decorating with solar lights is also very affordable and chic. This is because the lights are collecting solar energy during the day through a photovoltaic panel, and the moment the sun goes down, the LED lights turn up. These kinds of lights can be small and delicate, which makes them perfect for hanging on trees and bushes. You can get strings of lights and hang them on the fence so that you have romantic lighting perfect for intimate outdoor dinners. In addition to this, you can decorate your favorite trees as well as hedges and even rose bushes so that they look like something out of a fairy tale.

Power your tools

If you’re an avid gardener, you’re probably using a lot of tools to ensure everything is in perfect order. Most of these tools are powered by electricity (we’re talking about the majority of lawnmowers and trimmers here). If you happen to get a single free-standing solar panel that’s strategically placed, you won’t even need professional installation. Try to remember that a single 80-W solar panel provides electricity that’s enough to power not only solar garden lights but also pond pumps and garden shed lighting. These panels work just the way those tiny solar lights do: they soak in the solar energy during the day and convert it to electricity when the sun goes down. You can use this energy to power your electric lawnmower with ease.

Get a solar outdoor shower

Outdoor showers aren’t just for camping grounds and off-the-grid living. A small outdoor shower in your garden is the perfect solution for those hot summer days when you spend hours outside working and feel too sweaty and dirty to even get into your house and take a proper shower. Showering in the sunshine is also a fantastic experience you shouldn’t skip out on, and with a solar shower, you can make the most of it. It’s also a great idea if you have a swimming pool outside because it allows you to quickly and easily wash those pool chemicals off your hair and body without stepping into your house. Washing off with a garden hose might be convenient, but being able to shower with nice, warm water at all times is much better.

Spending time outside in your garden is a simple yet effective way to relax and boost your brain. Gardening is a great activity to stay in shape and put your mind at ease, as taking care of plants and herbs is a known form of meditation. When you also set your mind on utilizing solar energy in your garden, you’ll get a lot of benefits. Not only will you be able to improve the garden’s functionality, but decorate it better at the same time.

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