4 Gardening Tips Every Beginner Should Know

4 Gardening Tips Every Beginner Should Know

Gardening has become one of the most popular activities to do at home ever since quarantine happened worldwide due to the Covid-19 pandemic. It is one of the best ways to stay productive indoors and learn a new skill. That’s right, gardening requires skills to be accomplished effectively.

From familiarizing yourself with gardening tools to learning about plants, it is important to have the proper knowledge to do it right. Plants can be sensitive and react negatively to their environment. Because of this, proper care and maintenance are required.

Gardening serves as a good dose of relaxation to relieve stress in the comforts of your home. Seeing the green hues that please the eye, the colorful flowers that bloom, and watching each plant grow can stimulate happiness for anyone. And so, it’s no wonder why more and more people are getting into gardening.

This also adds to the efforts of people to contribute to becoming more environmentally friendly and go natural with their lifestyle.

However, regardless of its popularity, not many are actually knowledgeable of the proper way to do it. As taking care of plants requires not only skill but effort, plants end up dying sooner than people expect.

If you’re a beginner in gardening or only planning to start your journey to planting, here are important tips to help you grow happy and healthy plants:


Familiarize Yourself With Lighting

Sun is an important aspect of a plant’s life. Aside from regular watering, getting adequate sunlight is what keeps plants thriving and healthy through time. And although this is pretty much common knowledge, many people still fail to do it right. This is probably because different plants have different lighting requirements. 

Some plants live with minimal lighting, and some don’t. Some also need to be exposed to sunlight daily, and some only require it weekly. Understanding each plant and its lighting needs is a big step for you to grow plants in the long run.


Choose The Right Plants For Your Space

A lot of plants are considered flexible in such a way that they can be placed everywhere and still remain healthy. For example, many indoor plants can handle minimal sunlight exposure and temperature changes.

In some cases, however, plants react to environmental factors and end up not surviving. If you’re a beginner in gardening make sure that you’re putting your plants in the right location to consider their life span. This includes temperature, growth process, lighting, and exposure to chemicals and other radicals.


Know How Much Water Your Plants Need

One of the most common misconceptions when it comes to taking care of plants is that the only thing to do to grow them is constant watering. If you have an experience in planting, you will know that this is far from true.

Overwatering is a thing and, in fact, a very common occurrence among beginners. Just like lack of water, overwatering can also kill your plants. This is one of the things you should know about what type of plant you are growing so you can maintain it properly. Learn ways to determine when a plant is thirsty and learn signs that may point to your plant being overwatered.


Observe Your Plants Growth

Many people tend to grow plants without fully observing them. Just like you are raising a child, you have to constantly observe your plants physically and understand how they grow. Through observing them, you can also identify how they react to environmental changes you expose them to.

Plants differ in shapes, sizes, characteristics, and preferences, and one way to fully understand these is to learn on your own. The more you know about your plants, the more you’ll know about how to maintain them in their best state.


Key Takeaway

Gardening is an enjoyable activity that can be both relaxing and eco-friendly for many people. But contrary to what it looks like, gardening is not an easy thing to do especially without proper knowledge and adequate effort. 

Plants are living things that need care and attention to survive and these can only be given with awareness on what goes on in gardening. From the gardening tools to the nature of each plant, everything should be considered. By learning the basics such as lighting, location, watering, and observing, gardening can be possible for everyone.

After all, no matter how complicated it can be, gardening can give you long-term benefits that you will reap sooner or later. It can also be considered a life-long skill that you can further improve on through time.

As many people invest in financial assets to achieve success, consider planting an investment to achieve a healthy and happier life.

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