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Top High-Paying Seasonal Jobs in 2021

Seasonal jobs are a great alternative for people who are job hunting. Part-time jobs and full time jobs are not the only kind of jobs available for people looking to find a job. Job searching is a hard task for job seekers these days and with the competition being so cutthroat these days they need to look at every alternative available to them.

 One such option is seasonal work which is a job type available only during certain periods of time. Seasonal jobs are recurring jobs that happen around the same period of time every year and are temporary in nature. Some seasonal jobs are jobs that are typically full-time and are available year-round but have much higher demand during certain periods of time,  like tourist jobs and retailers having higher demand of customers during the holidays. 

For job seekers seasonal work has a lot of benefits that traditional work simply does not provide such as:

  • It provides an alternate source of income or as a way to augment a person’s already existing income
  • People can use it as a learning increase with on-job learning available for them through seasonal jobs. It can also act as a way for people to add experience to their resumes. This provides another opportunity to get a work-related referral that will help them in their job search.
  • Job seekers can add incentives provided by employers as another reason to work seasonally.
  • It provides a space for people to try out new jobs and experiences that they would not normally have the opportunity to do so

Now let us look at some examples of seasonal jobs that pay well and would be a great option for those looking for a job:

Package Delivery driver:

There is a great demand for delivery drivers usually but this demand surges during periods of holidays and certain other seasons. The requirements for this job are not really high and lengthy and drivers can earn up to 15 dollars per hour of work.

Contract recruiter:

This job pays on a per-contract basis where the people hired are in charge of filling job positions and roles for companies. They collect resumes and interview answers from those who applied for the jobs and pass them on to the employers. This job pays up to 30 dollars per hour. 

Personal Gift Shopper:

This seasonal job has a surge in demand during the winter months due to the higher demands of gift-giving presents during this season. This role entails a person picking out the most suitable clothes and gifts for the needs of a client. This job pays nearly 22 dollars per hour. 

Santa Claus Actor:

This job is only available during the winter seasons especially in December as families and children celebrate the holiday of Christmas. Retail stores, grocery shops, shopping malls,  and other entertainment sites hire these Santa actors to entertain kids and take pictures with them. This job can expect to make a minimum of 5000 dollars to 15000 dollars during the season. 

Tutor is a job that is available most of the year however there are certain seasons where the demand for tutors is very high. The people
looking for a job who want to take advantage of this fact should apply during pre-exam rushes such as before exams like SATs and GREs and summertime for children who may be struggling. This job has a salary range of ten dollars to fifty dollars per hour. 

Audio Visual Technician:

This is another job that is widely available during most of the year but seasonal events happen when events take place and a technician is needed. They are tasked with adjusting equipment and setting up for various presentations required at these events while nearly earning nearly twenty-five dollars an hour.

Tax Preparer:

This job does not coincide with regular climate seasons but rather the tax seasons that last from January 1st to April 15th of each year. They will help people who are filling in their income tax and is an available option for people who have accounting skills but don’t want to turn it into a full-time job. This job can earn a job seekers up to twenty-three dollars an hour. 

Snow Removal Driver:

The main task of a snow removal driver is to as the name suggests to remove snow from roads, parking lots, driveways, and designated drivers. This seasonal job is available for job seekers whenever there is snow, usually in winter where they will remove the snow from the places to make it safer to drive and walk. The driver can simply outfit their truck or SUV with a large plow. Earn up to twenty dollars an hour. 

Fitness Trainer:

Another example of a job available throughout the year but has an increase in demand just before the summertime with people wanting to shed some pounds before the start of the summer. The trainer provides workout programs and plans to their clients. They sometimes also provide nutritional education and a meal plan for their clients and these trainers can earn up to twenty-one dollars an hour. 

Call Center Representative:

Businesses and companies expand their call center workforce and customer care services when there is an uptick in demand. The people hired during the seasonal increase in demand mostly work from home. This job pays about sixteen dollars an hour. 

Many different industries are based on periods that only last a couple of months and more industries have a surge in demand during certain parts of the year. Those who are looking for a job can increase their chances of employment and earning money through these seasonal jobs that are available. These jobs are good opportunities to make a decent amount of cash for a few month’s work. 

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