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Sponsor licence application fee explained

Ever since the free movement ended and the new points-based immigration system has taken ever greater importance from the beginning of January 2021, there have been many discussions and speculations about the sponsor licence need and importance.

Since now every UK employer to hire overseas employees needs a sponsor licence mandatory, the Home office has been attempting to encourage organisations to apply for a sponsor licence

Once you have the sponsor licence, your organisation qualifies for hiring or recruiting global skilled talents without any legal implications. Having a sponsor licence could give you global mobility and sustained workforce in this scenario of pandemic of COVID-19.

However, many businesses fear sponsor licence application fees and how fruitful it would be for small organisations. Let us discuss in greater detail the fee for sponsor licence and processing time and work involved.

The cost involved in sponsor licence applications

Every UK organisation wanting a sponsor licence needs to apply online and pay a required amount to the UK Home Office. 

Once the sponsor licence application fee has been paid, even if the application is rejected this amount is not reimbursed to the employer. 

The employer must wait at least 8 weeks, which is sponsor licence application processing time before they are granted a licence.

The fee payable relies upon the size of the business applying, and a less amount of fee is accessible for smaller organisations and associations with beneficent status. Businesses are typically classed as an independent venture on the off chance that they have a yearly turnover of £10.2 million or less and utilize 50 staff or less.

Apparently, the application fee for small or charitable business firms is £536, and £1,476 applies for medium or large organisations.

Secondary costs involved in the application

There are some additional costs involved in maintaining and continuing to use sponsor licence facilities. These additional costs include,

  1. Apply to renew a current sponsor licence renewal expenses are charged at a similar level as your underlying application charge. 
  2. Apply to broaden the extent of a current sponsor licence- Medium or large businesses with a current Tier 5 licence can apply for sponsor licence to their current licence for £940. 
  3. Relegate each Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS)- The expense of issuing a CoS is as of now £19


Notwithstanding the visa application charge, the Immigration Health Surcharge is likewise payable and is currently £624 each year for those applying under the Skilled Worker application. Utilizing the above fee once more, a person who is to be sponsored for a very long time would have to pay £1,872 for the Immigration Health Surcharge while presenting their application for leave.


It ought to be noted anyway that businesses can’t legitimately pass sponsor licence fees, for example, the Immigration Skills Charge onto the migrant worker. Any business found to have done this might have their licence revoked or repudiated.


Take expert advice

Remember that expenses are charged for each application for a sponsor licence and that this charge won’t be reimbursed if the Home Office rejects your application. Consequently, getting your application right the first time is vital to minimizing expenses for your business. 

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In the event that your business is hoping to get a sponsor licence, you must choose and consult leading immigration solicitors based in London.  A Y & J Solicitors have a long standing reputation for their customer service and successful sponsorship licence applications. 

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