Rule the Social Media World by Acquiring Clubhouse Clone App

Rule the Social Media World by Acquiring Clubhouse Clone App

The Covid-19 pandemic was at its peak in April 2020. As people remained confined to their homes, there was one platform that encouraged everyone to open up. Yes, it was none other than Clubhouse. “Audio-only” was the unique selling point (USP) of the American social network. In just 17 months, its Android app has crossed 10 million downloads. Entrepreneurs looking to rule the social media industry can get a Clubhouse clone from an accomplished app development company.

What are some interesting stats about Clubhouse?

  • The American platform has a whopping 700,000 daily active rooms. The total number of discussion channels has increased by a significant 100,000 in the last month.
  • Despite heavy competition from other voice-based social networks, the total traffic has been growing continuously. Engaging events and performances have increased by 130% in the 3 months. 

What are the top 15 features of a Clubhouse Clone Script?

  • Add a bio option for users to share their personal information.
  • Backchannel for group and one-to-one communication.
  • Compliance with the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), 2018.
  • Efficient schedule management with Calendar syncing.
  • Flexible entering and joining of rooms 24x7x365.
  • Hallway to know the current and upcoming discussions.
  • Interests section to choose the preferences and tastes.
  • List of Active Clubs across genres and rules.
  • Multilingual compatibility for circulating a list of relevant rooms.
  • Sharing of push notifications to know about future events.
  • Spatial audio integration for eloquent listening.
  • Start a Room button to initiate a new discussion.
  • Tap and Share profile button across social media platforms.
  • Social media integrations (Instagram and Twitter).
  • 24×7 technical assistance via email, live chat, and phone.

How can the Clubhouse Clone Platform attract content creators?

Techpreneurs can entice 3 types of artists by owning a Clubhouse like a platform. Likewise, content developers can be (aspiring, emerging, and established). They can tap the Creator Guide section and know how to monetize their work.

Accordingly, entrepreneurs can spread awareness on hosting and moderations of events and rooms and the planning and the production of audio. Further, artists can swiftly increase their follower count. They will receive tips on personal branding.

Unraveling how data analytics helps a Clubhouse Clone

Both content creators and influencers can access analytical reports regularly. They can know the impact of their campaigns and outreach. For instance, a Clubhouse clone will share real-time data about the maximum concurrent listeners, the number of people in their room, and total users who entered and exited their audio show.

Besides that, performers on the voice-based social media application can track the number of followers (while hosting and speaking). They can check their profile and know the total number of members who joined their club.

Overall, artists can boost their engagement, growth in the community, and the traffic received from their fans and followers for their clubs and rooms.

How does a Clubhouse Clone Script offer 360-degree audio quality? 

Clubhouse made more buzz when it added a spatial audio feature recently. The American platform is focusing specifically on speakers and storytellers of different genres. Eventually, it would help the voice-only social network to attract more Android and iOS users.

The specialty of Clubhouse is that it wants to perfectly manage the audio clarity between both physical and virtual events. Therefore, users can listen to interesting conversations while standing center, left, and right at their location. Besides that, there will be no ambiguity as artists can answer the questions of the audience comfortably.

Linking audio streaming and Head-Related Transfer Function (HRTF) tech

A popular platform like Clubhouse handles a high amount of traffic from various parts of the world. Head-Related Transfer Function (HRTF) helps in the efficient scattering of the audio of a person’s ears, heads, and shoulders. Machine Learning (ML) assists in the quick collection of visual data.

Be it high or low frequency, the audio-based social network will ensure that all the listeners hear the speakers’ voices accurately. This is very useful in case many content developers and influencers are sharing their thoughts. The two-channel stereo sound will help users to know that the artists are speaking from numerous locations.

Similarly, entrepreneurs can offer a Spatial Audio option to their target audience. Eventually, it will assist in the translucent sharing of voices. This will also help in the enabling of events related to artwork, comedy, dance, entrepreneurship, music, politics, etc. Netizens can use their earphones, headphones, and stereo systems.

How much is the cost of creating a Clubhouse Like Platform?

The budget of developing a Clubhouse clone depends on several aspects. It is split into several phases across a few days or weeks.

 The various stages are

  • Discussing the business plan and operational scope with entrepreneurs.
  • Analyzing the current competition in the social media industry.
  • Developing a friendly user interface (UI) apt for age groups.
  • Launching the prototype of the audio-only social network.
  • Adding all the important features to the Clubhouse clone platform.
  • Testing the performance and security of the voice-based platform.
  • Launching the final version of the Clubhouse in the market.

Wrapping Up

Above all, Clubhouse is adding new features to enhance its status as the number one voice-based platform. It is captivating a huge number of moderators, speakers, and listeners.

Besides that, the American social media network has incorporated safety measures to protect users from abuse and trolling. Worth $4 billion now, Clubhouse will target more members from Tier-2 cities and Tier-3 cities.

Indeed, it has offered an incredible virtual environment. It has become the hub of different types of content like competitions, live events, and talk shows. Above all, Clubhouse has proved to be a perfect alternative to sharing images and video calls.

Moreover, the power of audio has been truly realized with the rapid rise of Clubhouse. It has offered a discrimination-free platform where anyone can share their feelings and viewpoints anytime.

Accordingly, content creators and users across all ages, nationalities, and religions are using Clubhouse actively. Across borders and time zones, the entire world is eagerly listening to audio conversations.

Clever entrepreneurs can take the big lead now, get a Clubhouse clone, and reign over the social media industry.

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