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Qualities to Consider while Buying Cardboard Moving Boxes

Many challenges come with packing for a house move. The planning, packing, organising, talking with a moving company, etc. The last thing anyone wants to deal with is a bunch of cardboard storage boxes that aren’t robust enough to handle the load.

It is very important to get the right boxes while relocating. Old boxes often have moisture and grease in them which fails to secure the items properly.

To help you out, we have put a guide to look out for while investing in cardboard boxes for a house move.

The Right Size of Boxes

Boxes that are either too small or too big can be a hassle while packing. Extra-large boxes are only required to pack items like the refrigerator, flat-screen TV and other big electronic appliances.

Otherwise, big boxes are difficult to pack and needs a ton of people to handle them. Standard moving boxes come in three sizes which suits household objects perfectly. These are ideal for moving as well as for storage. For clothing, stick to wardrobe boxes as you can hang the clothes to prevent them from creasing.

The Strength of The Boxes

It is highly expected that you will be needing double wall cardboard boxes for the move. People have an assortment of items at the house and single wall boxes aren’t strong enough to handle the different weights.

We suggest getting strong double wall cardboard boxes. They have additional layers for better structure and durability.

For particularly fragile objects like electronics, glassware sets, pictures, etc., providing an additional layer of bubble wraps or foams is a better idea.

Get Recyclable Moving Boxes

Although cardboard storage boxes are known for their sustainability, not all of them are made with similar ingredients. You might have noticed some boxes which have a shiny coating and a wax-like touch. These cannot be recycled.

A huge amount of cardboard boxes are made of recyclable and biodegradable materials. In fact, the U.K is known for using 70% recycled cardboard yearly. Look for these boxes. You can reuse them in various ways, compost them or even donate them once the moving process is done.

Flexibility and Lightweight

Although most of the house removal boxes doesn’t need folding or shaping, flexibility makes it easier for transportation. When you have good quality cardboard boxes, it is light yet foldable.

This makes them super easy to ship household items. Half of the cardboard is air, so even if you see a huge box, the weight is pretty light.

Use Quality Packaging Tapes

Not only does the quality of cardboard boxes matter in protective packaging but also a lot depends on the quality of packing tapes.

We understand that moving can be an expensive job. It is very tempting to cut costs and go for some cheap brown tapes from a nearby store. However, poor quality tapes don’t have strong adhesive which means the durability will get compromised.

What if a box gets burst open while in the car? This can lead to a disaster. Use low-noise packing tapes to properly seal the packages. For delicate items, use “fragile” printed tape.

Seek Affordable High-Quality Boxes

Buying cheap doesn’t have to be a curse on the quality. There are ways to get strong cardboard moving boxes within a reasonable budget. The idea is to buy from wholesale packaging supply companies like Packaging Midlands.

These wholesale distributors have a massive range of cardboard boxes. There are variations in sizes, qualities and price. So, you have the complete freedom of choosing packing boxes according to your budget.


Cardboard boxes are one of the most effective solutions for packing. With the right qualities, you will be able to find boxes that fit your budget perfectly!

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