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Oak Herringbone Flooring: Hottest Trend for your Home

Who is not aware of the popularity of the timeless Oak Herringbone flooring? The fabulous pattern came into use centuries ago when it used to be installed in mansions and castles. If you are looking for a pattern that can pop out and make a statement, then this one is for you.

The beautiful criss cross layout is named after the herring fish as it resembles its bone structure. The rectangular floorboards are arranged at an angle of 45 degrees to the floor or wall. When planks are installed in this layout, a unique, attention grabbing design is created that adds to the elegance and beauty of any space.

Herringbone wood flooring can bring in the natural charm and warmth of wood to your home. This pattern is available in various colour tones and finishes to match their interiors.

Check out various options of herringbone floors to add a rich look to any space.

White Washed Oak Herringbone Engineered Flooring

150mm x 14mm x 600mm White Washed Oak Herringbone Engineered Rustic Click Flooring Brush & Lacquered

White washed look is in trend these days. As mentioned above in the picture White washed herringbone engineered flooring comes with a brush and lacquered finish and rustic grade. it is ideal to add some light to the room because of its light coloured flooring. It is available at the Floorsave. An extensive range of herringbone flooring options is available on their website. One can explore and shop floorboards that complement their home décor.

Pearl Grey Herringbone Engineered Vinyl Flooring

Pearl Grey SPC Herringbone Engineered Vinyl Click Flooring 126mm x 6mm x 630mm

If you wish to create ultra-modern settings grey is the colour to go for floorboards. This colour goes well with all types of interior decor. Pearl grey SPC engineered vinyl herringbone floorboards are available in dimensions 126mm x 6mm x 630mm. Interior designers and homeowners are selecting grey as this hue lends flexibility and one can effortlessly experiment with it.

Dark Walnut Engineered Oak Herringbone Flooring

Dark Walnut Engineered Oak Herringbone Flooring

Dark shades look dramatic and are perfect for bigger rooms. You can go with the dark walnut engineered Oak herringbone flooring if you want to add a little drama to your space. This brush and lacquered finish dark tone flooring has a rustic grade. Its dimensions are 80mm x 18/3mm x 300mm. Darker hues always look elegant and add richness to the décor.

Medium shade Oak Brush & UV Oiled Herringbone Engineered Floorboards

Medium shades such as honey brown are versatile and look amazing. It is an ideal solution for any room of your house, especially the hall or bedroom. Its dimensions are 90mm x 18/4mm x 400mm. Interior designing becomes easier with medium tones as everything ranging from your furniture, curtains, rugs can complement such shades.

Herringbone Engineered Floorboards


Easy to install

The click and lock system makes it simple to install the engineered herringbone oak flooring. Its fitting is DIY friendly and you just have to lock floorboards together in place. There is no requirement of glue or adhesive.

Due to its pattern, Herringbone Oak engineered wood flooring can make your space look larger, especially small sized rooms and hallways. It creates an illusion that looks aesthetically appealing and hence homeowners are considering it to refresh their homes. If you choose light coloured planks, you can transform darker rooms into brighter and more open spaces.

Be it your living room, bedroom, kitchen, or hall, herringbone pattern suits every space and looks stunning and makes a statement. If you wish to create a unique and alluring space, pick this timeless style. There are numerous finish and colour options available to select from. Its versatility makes it a top choice for homeowners. White and Grey engineered herringbone flooring products are the most trending wood flooring for any space in your home and office.

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