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Keys To Succeed In Your Taxi business With An Uber Clone app

Every taxi service entrepreneur’s goal would be to build a successful online taxi business in the market and become one of the significant contributors to the on-demand taxi market. This market has grown to a greater extent in a short period. People are using these apps regularly to travel with comfort and convenience. This article will help you obtain insights into how to launch a well-established taxi service in the market with an app like Uber. 

Statistics on ride-hailing apps

  • The ride-hailing industry amounted to $127.76 billion in the year 2012. 
  • By the year 2023, it is expected to reach $318.76 billion, with a market volume of 14.8%. 
  • Around 36% of people in the US use ride-sharing apps. 
  • More than 95 million users are making use of the Uber app to travel in a month. 

Factors influencing the success of your business

Your taxi business will be a success only if you have the right app and fulfill a few other factors:

Feature-rich app:

The Uber clone app should include all the essential attributes that will help users navigate easily through the app. Ensure that it satisfies your business needs completely. 

Advanced technology and tools:

The app should be built using the most advanced technologies, frameworks, and tools. It should be error-free and compatible with all major platforms.

Safety and security:

Users should feel that the app is secure, and as a taxi service owner, it should be your topmost priority. Include an emergency button in the app to help users contact you and their loved ones in case of emergencies.

Secure payment gateways:

The banking details of users should not be tracked at any time. Multiple secure payment gateways should be included in the app to help them pay effortlessly. 

Approval of drivers:

The admin has to approve drivers after they upload certain documents to the app. Make sure you include a strong screening process and approve crime-free drivers. 

Service quality:

Apart from the app, the quality of service that you provide to users is also a deciding factor for the taxi service’s success. 

Separate panels:

The user, driver, and the admin should have separate dashboards with options based on their workflow. 

Cross-platform apps:

The app should be compatible with both Android and iOS platforms. It will help you gain users from both platforms. 


Make sure that the app can be scaled up in the future based on the varying business requirements. 

Call masking facility:

Users can hide their phone numbers from drivers for security reasons. On enabling this feature, drivers will not be able to access any user details. 

Technical support 24×7:

Users and drivers should be able to contact the support team if they have any queries or disputes. 

Stop points:

This facility will help users add stop points while booking a ride. If users need to stop on the way to run errands or pick up someone, they can add that particular location to the app. 

Multiple languages:

Ensure that users and drivers are able to view the app in the language of their choice. Users across the world will be able to use the Uber clone app with this amazing feature. 

Potential benefits of an Uber clone app for your taxi business

uber clone app

Developing an optimized taxi clone for your business has several advantages that include:

  • Live location tracking is of great benefit to users and drivers. 
  • Admin can view and monitor the entire process using the powerful admin dashboard
  • Advanced algorithms will ensure automated assigning of drivers to users.
  • Users can find a taxi to travel with a single tap.
  • Drivers can provide service at any time of the day. Work hours can be of their choice. 
  • They can easily monitor their earnings and trip history. 
  • Admin will have access to reviews and ratings. This will help him/her find the areas of improvement. 
  • The Uber clone app will act as a marketing tool and help you earn loyal customers easily. 

Essential feature-set of the taxi clone

The taxi clone app has a list of must-be-present features that makes it optimized and efficient. A few of them are listed here:

Users app:

  • Easy sign-up options
  • Schedule/cancel bookings
  • Live tracking
  • Social media login
  • Favorite list
  • Secure payments

Drivers app:

  • Access to contact details
  • Availability slider
  • Monitoring earnings
  • accept/reject ride requests
  • Street view mode
  • Preferred languages


  • Supervise the process
  • Fix base fare 
  • Enable surge pricing during demand
  • Manage wallet
  • God’s eye view
  • Adding bank accounts of drivers

Summing up:

The success factors, features, and benefits of the Uber clone app elaborated in this article will help you develop and launch an efficient app for your taxi business. It will be your most productive tool. Hire a suitable company to develop your app today. 

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