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Is it Possible to Perform Umrah on Business Visa?

Saudi Arabia is the world’s leading producer and exporter of oil and energy. That’s why it is the place people often go for business opportunities. The visas provided by the Saudi Arab government include the business visa, which is given quickly to those having equity in the oil or energy business. However, the most asked question is if one can perform Umrah on a business visa or during a business tour. This article will be going to clear your queries if you are looking for an answer.

What types of visas are issued by Saudi Arabia?

Saudi Arabia issues multiple types of visas. These are few detailed points below:

Umrah visa


This visa is issued for two to four weeks to Muslims, and pilgrims can apply for an extension. If you want to visit countries other than Makkah, Madina, and Jeddah and extend your visa, you will have to apply for permission which will be granted to you for genuine reasons. If you search about the travel agencies offering reasonable Ramadan umrah packages, you can perform this holy act in the holy month.

Hajj visa

This visa is issued for 40 days in specific months. And this visa cannot be renewed after expiry. All the people who have come to Saudi Arabia on a Hajj visa need to leave right on their time.

Business visa

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Business visas are given to people who want to invest in Saudi Arabia or need to handle businesses there. This visa does not allow you to travel to cities that are not on that. The persons eligible for business visas are investors, businessmen, managers, sales representatives etc. Performing Umrah on this visa is usually not allowed. Especially during the days of Hajj. The business visa for a traveler is valid for six months after the entry date registration.

Contracted work visa

This visa is granted to skilled or unskilled workers. Saudi companies hire these workers, and these people can travel to the work city and perform Umrah on this visa.

Independent work visa

The people who wanted to get work in Saudi Arabia apply for this visa. The time limit of this visa is for specific years and can be extended after the expiry. People are allowed to perform Umrah as well as Hajj on this visa.

Tourist visa

This visa allows the tourists to Saudi Arabia for tourism. If you are non-Muslim, you will be allowed to explore all cities except for the holy places Makkah and Madina.

Can you Perform Umrah on a Business Visa?

Well, according to Saudi law, you are not allowed to perform Umrah on a business visa. In case of violation of this law, you would be fined heavily or go to jail. Many business visa holders perform umrah in the months other than Hajj, as there are more strict rules and regulations during the hajj days. You need to carry appropriate details of your visa because the system of Saudi Arabia is strict. If you want to travel and also take a trip to Holy city for Umrah, it is better to contact a renowned and authorized travelling agent. So, you can get confirmation and clear information.

There are lots of people on business visas wishing to visit Makkah. It can be possible only on days other than Hajj. During the days of Hajj, the business visa holder is not allowed to enter even the premises of Makkah.

Should you perform Umrah on a business visa?

Every Muslim knows that the Umrah is directly related to the soul. This holy act is performed by Muslims to expiate the sins committed in the past. All this should happen with clear intentions. If you perform Umrah with a business visa, your trip will be completed physically, but not spiritually. Umrah is not a business trip that you can take whenever you are up to any other business trip. Saudi Arabia is running the world’s leading oil business and is included in the rich countries. It also has provided many facilities to their business holders. Because of all these facilities, people often think that they can do Umrah on their business trip.

In the early centuries, it was allowed for every Muslim to perform Umrah during business affairs. But in modern times, it is not permitted. And Saudi Government is known well for its strict rules and regulations. This restriction is for everyone whether travelling from the United Kingdom or UAE. If you desperately want to perform Umrah, you will need to get an umrah visa or tourist visa instead of a business visa.

Points of Consideration for business visa holders in Makkah

  • Business visa holders can who want to visit the holy place Makkah should perform Umrah to make the meeting with Allah possible
  • The people with business visa holders are not allowed to enter Makkah on the days of Hajj.
  • These people need to clear out some procedures that are done legally as proof showing.
  • You can go and perform Umrah on days other than Hajj if your travel agent or company allows you.
  • To visit Makkah, people with business visas will have to enter from the Airport of Madina or Jeddah. These have been considered one of the greatest working airports.  
  • There are strict rules and regulations in Saudi Arabia, and you cannot visit another place before performing the Umrah.


As per Saudi Arabia, there are certain rules and regulations, which everyone has to follow. There is a strict setup for everything, even for worshipping Allah. Before going there, you need to check and go through all your documents that should be done through an authorized and known services provider agency. Also, if you want to perform the holy act of Umrah by heart, there is no need to do it illegally or in the wrong way. Always visit the Holy place with clear and pure intentions. Every visitor should respect Islamic laws and should never attempt to violate these laws.

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