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Innovative Ways to Reuse Your Parcel Boxes

See around your house, or just take a little walk. Can you can cardboard boxes strew across your house? Then you are just at the right place. All of us try to buy literally everything online, leading to a lot of boxes reaching us. While they do not always throw them away, neither do we recycle nor do something about them.

What Do We Do with All These Cardboard Boxes?

Reuse Parcel Boxes as Garden Bed Starter

Corrugated cardboard boxes are full of carbon, and not contaminated by any other chemicals making them fit to be reused in the gardens. The cheap storage boxes will act as a great starter for new beds where you can sow the little seeds. It also helps reduce weeds and protect the saplings. The carbon in them combines with nitrogen in the soil creating healthy, nutrient-rich soil. Just make sure to remove the stickers and tapes, because these won’t get decomposed and fee the soil just as the corrugated cardboard does.

Compost Your Moving Boxes

A clean, corrugated moving box is a great cardboard type for composting. It has high levels of carbon, combines well with nitrogen to break down the cardboard for compost.

Cut your cardboard into little strips and add them to your compost as carbon additions.

Reuse Cardboard Boxes as Your Cat House

Kitties just love boxes and packages. No matter how many soft, cuddly beds, pillows and blankets, you buy for it, it will always prefer to lie down and sleep in cardboard boxes that get to find. Then, why don’t you transform it into a house for your kitty? Make a little opening for it to go in and out, lay a soft blanket, some pet-friendly cushions, toys, and other things that it likes. Once one parcel box gets soiled, change it to another one.

Upcycle Moving Boxes to Forts

The way we loved to play with forts, our kids too love playing with forts made with cheap storage boxes. The cardboard boxes, especially the sturdy ones make a great base for the forts. Use them to build hallways, mazes, and secret hideouts. Trust us, your kid will thank you for this.

Cardboard as A Pocket-Friendly Art Supply

Parcel boxes can be reused for various types of crafts. Be it the 3D statues of replicas of things, houses, ships, or human or animal models, cardboards are the best. The smaller kids can also start by drawing on the carboards, cutting them out, and colouring them, or pasting colourful papers on them. This will keep them busy, involved with doing productive work, and making use of your cardboard boxes.

Reuse the Moving Boxes for Gifting Purposes

No, no we aren’t asking you to gift the empty cardboard boxes to your friends and family. If you want to gift some Bone China products to your friends, pack them nicely in old cardboard boxes, stack them with newspapers to protect the products from any kind of tampering.

Reuse Moving Boxes While You Move Again

If you have lots of cheap storage boxes, you can give away some to your family members or friends who are shifting to their new abode. It will help them save some bucks and will help you to get rid of the boxes.

You can also put them up for free describing the dimensions correctly on Facebook Marketplace. High chances that someone would grab your offer in a few minutes of you posting the ad.

You can also use them yourself when you are shifting. Once shifted use them to store seasonal clothes and bedding, your kids’ play materials. Label them properly and you would feel any space crunch.

Use Them as Gift Cards, Bookmarks

This one may sound cliché but trust me, nothing is as good as handmade gifts. Gift a hand-painted bookmark to a bibliophile. Cut out a strip of cardboard from your parcel box, around 15cm in length, draw your favourite character on it, or make a collage using bits of paper, tie a ribbon on one side. Believe me, your loved one would heart this gift.

We have shared our bit. Do you have any other ideas in mind? Write to us about how you reuse the cardboard boxes at home.

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