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How to Get a Freelance Work Permit Dubai?

Working in the Emirates comes with a plethora of benefits, irrespective of whether you are working as a freelancer or running your own company. Thanks to the rapidly increasing popularity of the gig economy, the initiatives are flowing in abundantly for freelancers to work hassle-free in Dubai. It goes needless to mention how the scope in the domain of freelancing has evolved recently with the business’ urge to explore the more qualified, talented, and flexible sources of talent for their companies. And Dubai, as you might have heard is the greatest place to kickstart your career as a freelancer. Here are some of the easiest ways of obtaining a freelance work permit in Dubai.

Top Tips for Obtaining Freelance Work Permit in Dubai

Applying for a freelancer work permit in Dubai is the simplest procedure that only needs a few easy steps. To begin with, you first have to apply for a freelance license in Dubai to get yourself registered in the Emirates.

Consider Online Application for the Freelance Work Permit

You can apply for the UAE’s freelance work permit by going to the official website of freelance visa Dubai. Choose Go Apply and fill in all the details in the application form and get all the key documents submitted.

The Documents that You Need to Obtain a Freelancer Work Permit in Dubai

Some of the key documents that you need as a freelancer for business setup Dubai are:

  • A comprehensive resume
  • Recent photograph
  • Photocopies of your passport and visa which should have a minimum validity of 8 months
  • Bank reference letter
  • UAE sponsor-approved NOC

Bear in mind that if you are applying to the education domain, you might have to provide them with your academic qualification proof. This should come certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Obtain a No-Objection Letter from the Employer

If you are staying in Dubai under either your parent’s visa or under the visa of your spouse. You would require a No-objection certificate from them before you apply for the freelance work permit Dubai. Similarly, if you are working full-time in the city and your visa has been sponsored by the company then you might need a NOC issued by your employer. For the Dubai freelance work permit, however, you would need any NOC.

Keep Checking up with Your Application

Once you have submitted your online application, you will receive a notification via email when it has been approved. And this entire process might take anywhere between 10-15 days. Following this process, you might have to pay your visit to either Dubai Internet City, Dubai Media City, or Dubai Knowledge Park. Where you would be asked to sign the documents personally and pay the freelance Dubai visa cost. You will thereafter obtain your freelance permit for work in Dubai through the mail.

Apply for the Freelance Work Visa

Once you obtain your freelance permit in Dubai, you will also obtain accessibility to the business service of the TECOM platform. This is termed as AXS, incorporated in collaboration with DDA, which lets you enjoy a plethora of corporate and government services. Through the AXS platform, you can apply for the establishment card, which will cost you additionally. Once you get your establishment card, you can then apply for a freelance employment visa under the DDA. This employment under the Dubai Development Authority has a validity of about three years.

Complete the Procedures Involving Acquiring of Residence Visa

You have submitted the freelance visa application in Dubai, you will be sent an entry permit within 5 to 7 days. After getting the entry permit which has a validity of 60 days from the issuance date, you might have to get over with the procedures involved in obtaining the residency visa in Dubai, the medical test for instance. When you complete these procedures, you will receive the stamping on the residency visa. This will have validity for three years from the issuance date.

This was your simple guide to obtaining a freelance license in Dubai. Apart from the technical aspects, you also have to learn about the particular aptitude needed for a freelancer. This includes being familiar with working by yourself, self-motivation, and being ruthless enough in both chasing bills and communicating.

How Much Does a Freelance Work Permit Cost in Dubai?

The freelance Dubai visa cost ranges from AED 7,500 to AED 20,000 based on the free zone regulations. Make sure to renew the permit every year. Whether you need a residency visa for a year or 3 years. You would just need a permit to legally operate as a freelancer in Dubai will also determine the freelance Dubai visa cost.

Dubai Business Setup can help you get a freelance license for company setup in Dubai without requiring you to put any effort into the process. The company offers a one-stop solution platform for your freelancing business setup in Dubai.

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