Mosquito Infestation

How to Deal with Mosquito Infestation at Home

You may be worried about being troubled by the mosquito infestation in your home. It may come as a normal process, but that is not just good as it can pose lots of health problems to you. As the sun sets, you can start hearing the buzzing sound all over the place. If you don’t want the most irritating guests to come and destroy your peace, then you need to take a few steps to settle the scores with them.

Cases of people getting admitted to the hospital with just one mosquito bite are filled in the hospital books. They all may not be dangerous, but one is enough to send you to the hospital. And to make them one of the worst enemies of mankind. Just their presence is enough to irritate you to the core. Diseases such as Dengue, Chicken Guinea,Malaria, Encephalitis, etc. can cause a slow death. According to the research, children are often the target of these pests and it becomes all the more crucial to prevent them from coming to your house. Complete eradication of these pests is necessary if you don’t want to spend your days in the hospital.

Mosquito thrive in various conditions and it is hard to stop them from coming in. Pest control services in Delhi NCR makes it a point to spread awareness among people about various ways to prevent mosquito infestation from thriving in the house. Here, are a few of them, check them out.

Tips to Prevent Mosquito Infestation at Home

Fix gaps

The gaps on the walls can be a passageway for the mosquitoes to enter your house. Regular maintenance of the house can help you fix the house and make sure you don’t bring these pests in through the holes and gaps on the walls. You might be thinking about how mosquitoes can enter through these gaps. But these pests are so tiny that they can enter the place through minute cracks.

So, it becomes very important for people to fix such cracks, gaps, and holes to prevent these little pests from entering the premises and cause a ruckus. You can use m-seal, or door strips to fix the gaps and cracks

Mosquito netting

Whether you see mosquitoes in-home or not, that is not the issue. You may not be expecting them and they will drop a bite on your body when you are least expecting them, that is while sleeping. To stay away from getting bitten by the mosquitoes, you need to use mosquito nets while going to sleep. This will provide you safety net around you and not get disturbed by the humming sound or unexpected bites. You can also install the net on the windows and doors. This will allow proper ventilation but keep the mosquitoes out.

Mosquito traps

Now, with the help of technology, there are mosquito traps available in the market. They are also sold on most e-commerce sites hence, you can easily purchase them. They come in bat form, embedded with electric wires. This kills the mosquitoes on coming in contact with them. You can kill them by electrocuting.

You can also use DIY methods to control mosquito infestation at home. To do so, you will have to prepare one using the following steps:

  • Adding a cup of sugar to water and boil. Let the mixture reach the boiling point and then ad around 2 cups of cold water to it.
  • Cut a plastic bottle into two halves and flip one upside down and fix it in the lower one.
  • Allow the temperature to reach around 90 degrees, and then add one teaspoon of dried yeast to the mixture.
  • Use this solution by pouring it into the bottle and secure the opening with solid tape. This is the trap that will help you in controlling mosquito infestation by trapping them.
  • Remember to change the trap every 3-4 days.


Listerine is not just a regular mouthwash found in the household. It can be used to send the mosquitoes away also. It is so because your mouth wash has an active ingredient, eucalyptus oil. As eucalyptus oil is effective against these little nuisances, you can use mouthwash in the house as a reliable and cost-effective mosquito repellent.

Try your hands-on DIY adding Listerine to it. For this, you will require Epsom salt, beer, and Listerine. Mix all the ingredients well and use a spray bottle to spray it under the bed, corners, crevices, bathrooms, etc. so that, the mosquitoes can stay away from your sight for at least eight weeks.


No matter how many DIYs you use, it is best to get your place treated with the pesticide with the help of professionals. Call pest control services in Preet Vihar to help you get the right quotes and treatment plans.

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