How to Choose the Best IPO to invest in?

An initial public offering (IPO) is a type of public offering in which preferred stock is offered to obtain funds to help the company expand its business, increase cash flow, pay off debts, and so on. If the company is not already accessible, it must be transformed before an IPO may be issued. For IPOs, both online and offline applications are accepted.

As to article 8.8.1, the public issue’s membership list must be disclosed to the public for at least 3 working days. After receipt of applications, but no more than 10 working days. 

There are two types of initial public offerings (IPOs):

  • Book Building issue
  • Fixed price issue

The prices in this edition of Book Building are determined within the parameters of the bidding procedure. The stakeholders must agree on a single price, at which point the company will sell its stock to them. It can only issue public securities such as initial public offerings (IPOs) and fixed-price options (FPOs). Its demand can be monitored in real time, and it comes with a choice of price options.

The price is mentioned in the brochure for a fixed-price issuance, and shareholders must acquire the shares at that price. The public issue price is determined here, and it includes the total number of shares accessible to the general public as well as the pricing details. This information is only available in this case until the problem is addressed by a public notification published within 10 days of the allocation or reimbursement orders being delivered.

Current main market shareholders who acquire additional shares of the company at a lower price than the real market price is given right shares on a pro-rata basis. According to clause 8.8.2, these shares shall be available for at least 30 days and no more than 60 days.

How to choose the best IPO for investment?

  • Research about the company:

It is critical for the investor to have a thorough grasp of the sector and the firm in which he or she intends to invest since it necessitates data analysis and monitoring in order to avoid losses. To determine if investing in the firm is a smart idea or not, the individual must dive deep into the company and have a thorough understanding of it.

Those who are interested should read the company’s prospectus, which contains all of the information that investors need to know, such as the company’s financial performance, promoters, board of directors, rules and statutory requirements, and the rationale for the IPO, among other things.

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Studying current events and corporate news is critical since it allows them to better understand the IPO’s progress. Before investing, the individual should be totally pleased and analyze all of the weak and strong features. Even though it is a time-consuming procedure, it is quite important and may make a significant impact.

  • Company’s financial performance:

The financial performance of the company not just talks about the valuation but also about the growth potential.  The individual who is planning to invest in that company’s IPO then it should check the financial standing of the company in its recent years which can help them to understand its performance. If the company has not been working well and showing losses every other year then it shows that this IPO is not worth investing on. This is one of the major steps which will help in selecting the right IPO for you. 

  • Risk attached to it:

Be it an investment, it always comes with the attachment of risks and returns. It all depends how much risk can an individual withstand when they are investing in an IPO. Management of risk plays an essential role as it helps you to understand whether the associated risk in this IPO is something that you can withstand. 

It’s critical to be aware of the level of danger you’ll be taking. Furthermore, the newly listed businesses in the IPO have a great deal of ambiguity, which can add to the anxiety if not thoroughly investigated. The market rivalry, the dangers the firm has experienced, and the company’s history will all play a part in determining the possible risks when we invest.

  • Understanding your objectives:

It is vital for an individual to understand your objectives as just because every individual is investing in that specific IPO or just because that company is famous does not mean that it is suitable for investments in your case. There is a various variable associated with investing in IPO. 

Understanding your own as well as the company’s goals is critical. Anyone should avoid investing just because others are doing so, since this might lead to a variety of planning flaws. When an individual understands the objectives, it is easier for them to determine. How much risk they are willing to take, which industries. They can invest in, and whether their interests are aligned with the company’s.

  • Overall performance of the sector and the company:

When an individual invests in an IPO then they should also study the sector in which that company belongs.

Here is an example for you to understand how it will be carried out: In case the firm is in the technology industry. You should look at how stocks with similar market capitalization have performed. How are the other IPOs in the same industry faring? What are their prospects for the future? What are the risks and possibilities that this business? Its competitors face once they have established themselves in the IPO market?

The answers to these questions might assist you in gaining a better knowledge of the competition as well. Future development opportunities.


Investing in any location has a significant impact. Directions, monitoring, and an investment guide will always help you fulfil your needs and achieve your goals. Before investing, always read all of the terms and conditions. Study the investments you’re making, since investments aren’t about squandering your money; they’re about securing your future.

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