How to Add Texture in Floral Arrangement?

The texture is a crucial element in making professional-looking wedding flowers. The concept of texture is some things that every folk learned about in grade school once we checked out rough & smooth surfaces and it is often that straightforward while producing flowers for a special event. Do not fret by getting too complex. The texture is often described because of the feel, appearance, and/or characteristics of a surface.

This is very important in floral design as the feel of a vase, foliage, fillers, online order flowers, bows & more got to be taken under consideration to make sure that the joint texture will have the necessary flow & consistency. When most unprofessional floral designers start, they’re most concerned about using complementary colors in their centerpieces & bouquets. What sets the professionals and therefore the novices apart is the consideration of floral texture. To form your DIY floral arrangements protrude; comfortably experiment with color & texture.

Style & Texture

Texture enhances the specified sort of appointment. If you would like a sleek, modern look, choose smoother flowers & greens: roses, branches, grasses, & tulips create a tremendous feeling, as does using a smaller mixture of varieties. Trying to find romance? Think soft, & delicate: Garden roses, amaranthus, & peonies. For a more rustic, relaxed feel, believe in a field of flowers. Combine different shapes, textures of your favorite blooms.

Vases & Texture

Often people forget all about vases once they believe the feel of their arrangements; confine in mind that containers can add even as much to the feel of special event floral arrangements because of the flowers themselves. A shiny silver/gold finish on a vase will end in a different look & texture than a white plastic vase would. Highly reflective vases suggest elegance & formality whereas a coarse-textured wooden basket is more natural & informal.

If you’re having a rustic-themed event, stressed finishes, choose wooden vases, moss accents, and vintage accessories to form the foremost feel of the vase. If you’re trying to find a sleek, more modern design try to use shiny & smooth, clean-lined vases.

Using the Texture of Flowers

The texture must be considered when pairing together different types of flowers & foliage. Professionals use a number of these guidelines to make well-balanced, pleasing arrangements:

  • Coarse textures are often wont to create a focus at which the eyes are going tobe most interested in that specific flower within the arrangement.


  • The texture has a greater impact on designs that use just one color because they feel won’t need to compete with color schemes. If you’re planning on only using a single flower color, make certain you employ varying textures to make a more interesting look. For instance, the white arrangement above uses just one color but uses tons of texture in the greens & fillers to deliver a visually appealing result.


  • Leaves of varying textures can draw attention and also, improve focal points in an appointment. The more patterns & shapes in the leaves, the more professional & polished an appointment will look. If you’re incorporating greenery in your arrangement, you ought to try selecting quite one sortof greenery to extend the feel and dimensionality.


  • Be bold do not be afraid to pair conflicting textures together, but make certain to stay transition in mind. As a general rule, it’s good to possess some contrasting texture in arrangements; utilize flower pattern types to make the sensation of a smooth transition among different textures.


  • Repetition of utmost contrasts adds visual interest to an appointment. As seen above, confine in mind that if you make a pattern you’ll use multiple sorts of textures & concepts within a single arrangement.

Add Valiant Texture for a Rocky Look

Sometimes more rough texture is required for a bold & dramatic effect. Tough organic pieces such as branches, pods, & cones are available handy and convey many gorgeous textures also as a visible contrast to any flower arrangement.

  • Curly Willow: Curly Willow can result in an otherwise sleek design to diversify, literally, including more room and adding a replacement shape to the general look.
  • Pinecones: Especially holiday designs, pinecones bring the outside in and add components of nature to an arrangement cut floral design.
  • Pods: Pods are a moment texture update to any design and can lend a subtle uneven balance to soft & smooth flower petals.

Create Rustic or Sophisticated Looks with Textural Elements

The texture you select to accent your online flowers delivery will decide the principle of your design. Smooth lines produce a clean & unfussy look, while items that appear as if they are straight from the woods bring a wild & natural feel to the arrangement.

  • Sleek/Modern: For a sleek & modern look, use smooth edges & clean lines. Picture tulips with long edges of bear grass tucked around the blooms accented by eucalyptus.
  • Rustic/Natural: A more rustic look is often achieved using branch stalks ormaybe a couple of succulents near cheerful colorful flowers. Berries also can add a touch of texture, especially when compared with smooth lines.

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