How many ways to get rid of sweaty hands?

How many ways to get rid of sweaty hands?

Excessive sweating of the hands or hyperhidrosis of the palms and feet often begins at age 13 and continues throughout life. Sweaty hands can be embarrassing and hinder some activities, but the good news is that constant attention.

 Wash your hands 

Sweaty palms won’t dry out on their own, so you’ll have to wash them more often than other people to keep your palms dry. Wash them when sweaty palms start to bore you and dry thoroughly with a towel.

· When you do not wash the dishes or wash your hands, after using the toilet, it is enough to rinse your hands with water only, without soap. You will need to avoid drying out the skin on the back of your hand from the constant use of soap.

 Carry handkerchief 

You will need to carry with you a tissue or towel for wrapping up your hands. This will help you from sweating often and keep your hands free from germs and sweating. It would help if you used them before you shook hands with someone else to avoid getting in touch with people.

 Cool your palms

For many people, palms sweat is caused by overheating the body, so that cooling can be a great solution. Keep your hands in front of a fan or hairdryer to dry moisture on your palms and slow down sweat. This method is essential for some people who are likely to sweat often, and you need to use various means to stop sweating. 

· To quickly cool your hands outside the home, find a toilet with a sink and place your hands under cold water. Then pat dry with paper towels.

· Try to avoid overheating if possible. Do not turn on the heater unless necessary. And turn off the thermostat if you have one at home.

Avoid wearing items that promote perspiration 

Keep your hands away from things that block the flow of air to your hands. The palms will be constantly wet and will not have a chance to dry out—gloves, mittens, and other items that hide your hands. Sure, wear them when it’s freezing outside, but don’t wear gloves indoors or in situations where you don’t need them. Gloves will help to hide the sweating of your palms, but they will have time to heat them so that your palms will sweat more than usual. There are other items when you wear it to promote some of the sweating to your hands. That is why we recommend you not to wear such things again in your lifestyle. 

Vaseline-based lotions and body products

Petroleum jelly is used to moisturize the skin, and it retains moisture when the skin is quite dry—the effect on sweaty skin. Vaseline will keep sweat from drying out, and your hands will be permanently greasy. Coconut oil and any other oil-based cosmetics to moisturize the skin have the same effect. Do you know most of the jelly used here is beneficial for you too because it makes your hands free?

Start using an antiperspirant 

You may not have guessed to use an antiperspirant on the palms, as it is commonly used in the underarm area. But the same substances that help prevent excessive underarm sweating will also help you get rid of sweaty hands.

· Choose an odorless antiperspirant labeled clinical strength that contains aluminum and zirconium. Many people find physiotherapy these antiperspirants to be more effective.

· You can also purchase an antiperspirant that contains aluminum chloride hexahydrate. It is a strong chemical so check with your doctor first.

 Be relaxed

 Excessive sweating is often caused by anxiety and stress. Practice meditation, yoga, or other activity that will help reduce stress and prevent your sweat glands from going wild. Relaxation of your body can also help you not to sweat often.  

· If you are sweating with a problem that bothers you, think about the solution and understand the problem. If you need help, try to see a specialist.

· To quickly relieve anxiety-related sweating, sit down, close your eyes, and take a few deep breaths. Try to calm down before starting your day.

 Consider iontophoresis

 This procedure involves the introduction of drugs under the skin using a weak current. This helps to stop sweating temporarily. If you want to use medical, you need to try this one out and see the results.

  • During iontophoresis, your hands are placed in water, while an electric current is passed through this water. 
  • The iontophoresis kit is also available for home use. Talk to your doctor about purchasing such a kit and have the procedure at home at any time.

 Try oral medications

 Medicines known as anticholinergics help stop sweating as a side effect. Some doctors sometimes prescribe it as excessive treat sweating. The use of oral is essential to stop you from sweating. We have come to some of the recent medications introduced to help you get rid of the sweating from your hands. 

· This can be a good choice if you are not an athlete. But if you exercise regularly, you shouldn’t interfere with the body’s natural sweat-cooling processes by stopping perspiration.

· Anticholinergics also cause dry mouth and other side effects

 R Explore botulinum toxin administration

Botox injections, often used to smooth out facial wrinkles or lip augmentation, can also block the nerves that produce sweat. However, injections can be painful and will only stop excessive sweating for a while.

Consider sympathectomy

This procedure involves surgically removing a nerve inside the chest, disrupting the nerve signal that controls the body’s sweat.  

· This operation should only be considered a last resort since the body compensates for the overproduction of sweat in another area in half of the cases. Sweating from your palms may go away, but you may experience increased sweating in your back or another area. 

· If you want to have this procedure, find a doctor who has done it before. Don’t risk trusting such a dangerous procedure to a newbie in this field.


In this post, we have discussed various ways to get rid of sweaty hands, and I hope this article will be one of the best solutions for you if your hands sweat.

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