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How Can I Download Facebook Video On My iPhone?

Facebook is the social media home that everyone prefers to hold. You can connect with people whether he/she black or white, promote something as a business, Share ideas or whatever via even an image or video, also you can upload anything to this platform and you can save pictures or videos on the Facebook platform. But have you ever thought to download images or videos on your smart devices directly from FB? And if you are still using the iPhone and decide to download the videos directly to your device, use the download Facebook video iPhone tool.

Facebook video downloader for iPhone is the best Facebook downloader.No one can replace it because it is best in every part. It is totally free. Not to the iPhone.You can directly download to the iPods, iPads, and Android OS devices including the Mac series PCs, Windows computers or laptops, Linux laptops, tablets or phablets, etc. So choose the download Facebook video iPhone downloader to your iPhone.

Download Facebook video iPhone

If you need to download Facebook video iPhone downloader tool then Facebook video downloader-FDown video downloader is the best. It is really amazing so grab it first and download any videos from the Facebook to Android OS smart mobile devices, tablets or phablets, iOS devices, Windows personal computers, Mac laptops, or computers direct. If you download Facebook video iPhone tool then you are the luckiest one. Because there you do not want to face any hardships, all the steps are very easy to understand. So always connect your connection with the online free Facebook video downloader.

Something about FDownloader

What is this FDownloader?Do you know? even whatever your answer is you will provide a small description about that.FDownloader is the Facebook downloader that comes to you for downloading videos, live videos, and pictures. This is a free tool for such as Android OS smart users, iOS smart device users, windows PC, MAC PC, Linux users, and many more.

Other than the tool is designed with a user-friendly interface. So it is understandable even with the pictures of symbols. So if you are a newbie to this downloader you can easily handle it. It is surely no more doubts.

From the FDownloader you can download videos and live videos especially. So the selection is yours. Choose what item you want first to download.

You can use the tool via the web browsers like UC browser, Netscape Navigator, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, etc. Therefore when you travel via any web browser to download any type of video from Facebook social media can use this tool easily.

In same the way if you go to any web browser with this tool through your iPhone for downloading videos, download Facebook video iPhone is the best method.

Download Facebook Video iPhone

Using the trusted tool as a Facebook video downloader is very much easy when you have an iPhone.Because it is compatible with the iPhones series. But this is not what you get for other iOS smart devices like iPods,ipads, etc. So if yours is iPhone smart device learn the guide steps by step with the FDown video downloader. Now feed up your knowledge with the below steps on your iPhone.

  • Go to the Facebook app via iOS devices and open it
  • Select the video option and select the video that you want to download 
  • Click on the option” share” that will appear bottom of the video
  • Now you can select the “copy link”
  • Come to the online FDownloader page with a copied link 
  • Paste the URL on the input box in the FDown video downloader page
  • Click on the “download” option 
  • Now you can see the preview of your selected video
  • There you can download it normally. If you need it with “download SD video” or other formats click on it
  • Now your video will download automatically in a few seconds

Save Facebook videos for iPhone

If you like to save the selected videos from Facebook you can not save or download them directly to your iPhone.Same procedure going on with this. Anyway, I will recall to you simple. For that, you can select the video that you want. And now click on the three dots in the top right corner there you will see the same video. Okay, you click it but I’m sure you cant get it on your devices. It will save on your Facebook platform under saved videos. From there select your saved video and choose the copy link from the three dots that appear again in the same. Take that copied link and paste it to the inbox on the FDownload video downloader page. Click on the download button and check the preview. Download it with the preferable format. Now you can see the video in the download files. Share it in the iPhone gallery to save. 

This is method is hard or heavy on your head, then touch up the guide that I provided in the part, download the Facebook video iPhone. If you touch upon those guidelines you should follow up until the complete download. After you will see that video in the download folder on your iPhone.Click on the Facebook video and find share. Finally, place the video on the camera album.

Features of the FDownloader

  • This is the best Facebook downloader 
  • The interface of the tool is user-friendly. So having this tool by your side is more precious. You only can download the video easily
  • Download Facebook video iPhone is supported for the videos. So you can use any type of the iPhones
  • FDownloader is compatible not only with the iPhone handsets. It will use for Android OS smart devices including computers like Windows, Linux, Mac, etc
  • No, any hard technical factors you want to use
  • Free tool ever to every user who likes to download the Facebook videos
  • So quick and easy in downloading process
  • This is not software or an app. It is just an online tool

This is the time to download a Facebook video on an iPhone, It’s okay. Because this is the place wrapped with all resources. Choose it! Try it! And share it!

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