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Heart Opening Yoga Poses to Heal Body Pain

Do you have a desk job? Are you spending most of your day hunching over a laptop? If yes, your chest and shoulders could be under intense pressure. In that case, practicing heart-opening yoga poses could rescue you. From what? Well, from different heart diseases and shoulder & neck pain.

Clearing the mist, have a glimpse at some of the easiest heart-opening yoga poses. You should learn the basics first and then get on with your yoga practice. For learning basics, you should join a Yoga Alliance certified yoga course. That ensures you have genuine yoga knowledge. Without any delay, let’s jump right into it.

Most Important Heart Opening Yoga Poses

Camel Pose

One of the best heart-opening yoga poses is the Camel pose. This improves your overall body posture and relieves you from back pain. Hence, this is a perfect yoga pose for people who are always hunching over their shoulders.

The Camel pose also stretches your abdomen, quads, chest, and shoulder joints. Not just that, it actively squeezes your buttocks and hamstrings. So, while practicing this pose, do not fall back, rather, let your lower back balance your body.

Bridge Pose

When it comes to instantly healing lower back pain, the Bridge pose does the job perfectly. Also, this pose lengthens your spine that promotes better breathing. Practicing the Bridge pose works on your core muscles as well.

It also helps in stretching your neck, quads, and hamstrings which leads to better blood flow. Hence, your lower back has a good stretch with regular practice. The Bridge pose also works on your shoulder joints making it one of the best heart-opening yoga poses.

Fish Pose

Have you ever felt you are not breathing in and out completely? Well, in that case, you should inculcate the Fish pose in your yoga routine. This pose helps in opening your lungs that improves the flow of oxygen in your body.

It also expands your chest muscles that lift off weight from your abdominal muscles. Hence, regularly practicing the Fish pose cures constipation and other digestive issues. More importantly, it opens the frontal lobe of your body that works on your throat, abdomen, and spinal flexibility.

Bow Pose

Yet another best heart-opening yoga pose is the Bow pose. This is a perfect chest opening that stabilizes your upper back muscles. Moreover, it is one of the best ways to correct your body posture without putting your body through hardships.

Practicing the Bow pose works on your chest, shoulder joints, and abdomen muscles. Moreover, it squeezes your upper traps, hips, and hamstring muscles.

Cobra Pose

If you want a gentle approach to heart-opening yoga poses, the Cobra pose is the perfect yoga pose for you. It strengthens your shoulder joints along with your chest muscles. Moreover, the Cobra pose increases the range of motion of your spine.

It relieves you of lower back and hip pain that is one of the biggest symptoms of sitting for too long. Also, it helps you fight numerous breathing issues and relaxes your sore pectoral muscles. In short, it lengthens your spine that corrects your posture over time.

Triangle Pose

Don’t you think the side of your body is equally important? If yes, the Triangle pose is just the heart-opening yoga pose for you. It improves the side bending range of motion of your spine. That helps in keeping the movement of your spine in all directions intact.

Moreover, practicing the Triangle pose also removes tightness from your shoulder and hip joints. Hence, you should practice it to improve your body balance and overall flexibility.

Corpse Pose

One of the best ways to relieve yourself from body pain is to rest your body. However, sleeping it off is an old trick. Yoga offers you the Corpse pose that enhances your awareness of your body. So, you learn to consciously relax your muscles and joints.

In short, the Corpse pose should be on your list of the best chest opening yoga poses. This also calms your senses that keep your mind always awake. The Corpse pose helps you lower your mental as well as physical mechanisms.

Wrap Up

As you can see, all these heart-opening yoga poses work towards improving the overall health of your body. However, in any case, if you feel like learning from yoga experts, you should join an RYT 500 course. This helps you train under the guidance of learned professionals that help you master all these basic as well as complex yoga asanas. With consistent efforts, you gain a strong, flexible, and healthy body.

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