Guidelines on how you can have a perfect Brand design

Guidelines on how you can have a perfect Brand design

While the perfect brand design is an art, it is also a well-defined science. Indeed, it is a subject that has been carefully researched by many researchers over the last several decades.

Admittedly, when accomplished well, brand design can have a significant influence on how people perceive a brand, whether or not they trust that brand, and, as a result, its future growth and achievement.

We’ve produced this tutorial to educate you on some of the essential components of good branding design, so you can get a head start on creating your successful branding.

A few essential components are defined of branding design below to assist you better grasp what to look for in your branding. In such a way, regardless of who creates your company’s identity, you’ll have an expert idea to offer input to your designer.


Research Existing Businesses

Initiate by researching your competitors. The idea is to learn about everything that has been done in past and they are doing in present. A simple search on any search engine would do the work. Get to know about what they are offering? What are their open market tactics and strategies? What prices they are offering of their product or service to the customers? These kinds of questions and more will give you enough ideas to create something new and different.

This research will be only done for the sole purpose of learning about what’s done already and introducing something new and unique into the market and you would not accidentally introduce the existing idea. Competitor research can help you with unique creative brand design, and this is how existing successful brands get their brand designs done.


Meet Multiple Platforms Requirements

Designing a perfect brand these days is not easy. We have met different a lot of requirements just for a single. In this digital era, there are tons of digital platforms that we have to consider at any cost while designing a brand and we cannot leave it as a choice.

We need to make sure that we create a brand design that can fit into the website of both PC and mobile phones, that can fit into an advertisement, prints, and others.


The less the better

We think the more designs and patterns we add to the logo will make it creatively unique but it is not true. Introducing a creative brand design can still be simple and attractive. Brand design should be less in patterns and colors and easy to understand for the viewers.

If you think about it most of the successful and famous brands like FedEx, Nike, Android all have the same basic-looking logo and designs but yet creative and powerful. Now you can understand the idea of the less the better.


Do You Know Your Customers?

Why do we even bother to go all through these steps for designing a brand, its logo, theme, creating different advertisements? To attract our target audience but do we know our audience? If yes, how well? Well-enough to create a perfect brand that can communicate with them?

Brand design is done for specifically your customers. What kind of product or service do you have and what kind of audience would like? You need to research your market based on different factors like geographical, psychographic, demographic, and behavioural. After learning all about these factors you can develop a brand matching point to point to their needs.


Should Be Just an Inspiration, Not Plagiarism

Work on creating your own unique identity. Getting inspired by existing ideas is great but plagiarism is not appreciated. Your customers and viewers are really quick to judge and trust me they notice everything. Plus people are hyperactive when it comes to degrading someone more than while promoting and appreciating someone.

Make it stand out in the market. Put all your effort once so you do not worry about relaunching or rebranding your product or service.


Create A Cohesive Brand

Most designers miss this point and do not connect all the mediums. When the customer looks at your website and then your social media page. They should recognize it on the point that it is the same brand no different. Fonts, colors, images illustrations, all of these elements are something that has to be designed carefully from an initial basis.

Keeping a cohesive brand leaves a very strong and great impression on your customers. They know how much effort a specific brand is putting and they are tending to appreciate this.


Defined Clear Guidelines

Having clear and straight guidelines defined on an initial basis can keep you out of a lot of future trouble and makes you a thing to the point. You’ll devote a significant amount of time, energy, study, and expertise while creating your brand. Setting specific brand standards helps you to define how your branding should be utilized most successfully while also keeping things coherent no matter who works with your brand.

Customers now understand your brand and know what to do and what not to do with it when they see your defined guidelines about your brand. Mention a few factors that might help you define proper guidelines for any brand.

  • Core principles, vision and mission, and motto – these are the elements that identify your firm.
  • Color Palettes – all colors converted to CMYK, RGB, and Pantone Typefaces – all approved fonts for use in branding and when applicable
  • Designing – it is the use of colors and typography to express a brand’s message.
  • Acceptable modifications –e.g., a logo with a drop shadow.
  • Unacceptable modifications —e.g., the logo will not be bent

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