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Gojek Clone – Blueprint To Develop Local Multi-services App

Every change that technology brings in has a serious impact on people’s buying decisions. The scenario is not the same as decades ago where people have to take up all their tasks manually. Be it their groceries or food; they would literally step out to buy them. But now, it is completely different. Thanks to technology for this wonderful magic!

Apps like Gojek are a real blessing for all of us as they have made it very simple to access all services in a single app destination. Moreover, multi-services apps are undoubtedly a great career option for entrepreneurs. So, we thought of sharing with you every possible insight about launching a multi-services app. 

What makes multi-services apps an interesting business opportunity for entrepreneurs?

In the current scenario, digital businesses have attained more scopes than ever before. The growth of technology and smartphones are the two major reasons for this upsurge. People are no longer excited with the brick and mortar businesses. With smartphones in hand, they want to keep things easy and simple. 

Multi-services apps are a mixture of various on-demand services that are offered together in an app. These apps provide a plethora of services for people . So, they do not need to use any other apps. They provide a series of services like taxi-hailing, food delivery, grocery delivery, home services, handyman services, etc. People have the liberty to choose their feasible service from the app effortlessly. 

When you offer more services and categories, more will be the revenue. Through your all-one application, you can market your app to a great extent. They are also a great revenue-generating option. All you need to do from your side is to gain as many contacts from the service providers. Convince them to join your app to zenith their business standards. 

What are the benefits of launching an on-demand app?

There are several underlying benefits in launching an app like Gojek. Come, let us explore them,

  • It helps in building your brand image 

When you launch an app that has the potential to offer more than 50 services, what will be the reaction of the public? Firstly, it will surely create a brand image in the market. Through your single app, you will market a variety of services to the public. In this way, you will also attract a large number of customers. 

  • Become people’s favorite 

It is quite impossible for people to download different apps on their mobile phones. To overcome this, you need a crisp solution. A super app provides them almost all the on-demand services in its app, which makes it easy for people to find all their needs in one place. 

  • It yields great revenue 

On-demand multi-services apps offer great options for generating more revenue. Since there are several services available in the app, it will generate more money for entrepreneurs. There are many options to get your revenue like commission charges, advertisements, promotions, etc. So, in no time, you can become a billionaire.

  • The more advanced, the more the revenue will be 

The arrival of mobile apps has literally made people more sophisticated these days. Their busy schedules and job commitments have made them largely dependent on these apps. If you aim your Gojek clone at the right user base, you can surely achieve your objectives. So it’s all about whom you focus on. 

Remarkable features to include in your Gojek clone app

When you develop your on-demand app, make sure you include the following features for the app’s successful functioning. 

  • Profile creation 

Here, profile creation applies both to the users and service providers. They should have separate panels where they can register themselves. Provide them more than one registration option to register with the app. They can sign up either with their email address or phone number. Your app can also encourage social media integration. 

  • Multiple language setting 

Remember, not all users are comfortable with English. Provide them the option to select their comfortable language for communication. However, you can also try to provide regional language support.

  • Browse services 

When users visit your app, they should feel comfortable searching for their services. So, list all your services on the home screen. The users can go through them and select the desired one. 

  • Real-time tracking 

After scheduling their services with the app, the users should be able to track them. Your app should support live tracking for the users to track their assigned service providers efficiently. 

  • Diverse payment support 

The app should provide competent support for people to process their payments. When developing your business app, ask your developers to integrate multiple payment options like card payment, net banking, etc. 

  • In-app chat 

The in-app chat enables users to communicate effectively with their service providers. While scrolling down the profiles of the professionals, they can initiate a conversation with them. This will give them an opportunity to interact before opting for them.

  • Review and ratings 

This is one of the most important features that can help you win over your customers’ trust. They can give their ratings and reviews based on their experience . These reviews and ratings can be both about the app and the service providers. Negative reviews will help you rectify your gaps. 

The budget for developing your multi-services app 

The cost of developing an app is determined by several factors. These factors have a strong impact on deciding the cost of your app development. Let us see in brief about these factors,

  • The app platform you select for your app launch will also determine the cost of the app. Because both Android and iOS involve different development phases and technologies. 
  • The features incorporated in the app impacts the cost. The more advanced features, the more will be the cost of it. 
  • The design and development phase has its own budget. The intuitive design of the app will have a serious impact on the app cost.
  • The geographical location of your app development company.
  • The customization standards you ask for from the company.

Wrapping up

The mobile app market is constantly getting wider every day. Several entrepreneurs and startups come up with their own ideas and captivate the audience. Instead of focusing on one particular stream, attract a large number of customers through super app development solutions. Start your haunt right now to find the best app developers to build your application.

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