Fritzbox 7490 5GHz

Fritzbox 7490 5GHz Not Working

If you are looking for a WiFi system in your whole home then, the Fritzbox WiFi router is an impeccable networking device. It comes along with a 4-port gigabit Ethernet port, which more helps for the wired connection. In addition, the 802.11ac wireless network also complies with this router that offers a speedy wireless range. However, the Wi-Fi dead zone is automatically removed with this network. The Wi-Fi speed of the Fritzbox 7490 WiFi router is high & fastest. In other words, the dual-band network technology also works with this router. To enhance the Wi-Fi range, you need to configure the Fritzbox 7490 5GHz network. Because the 5GHz network provides super-fast network speed as compared to the 2.4GHz network. In the 5GHz network, the Wi-Fi network speed is three times faster. 

In other words, the Fritzbox 7590 Wi-Fi router supports mobile LAN ports. Then, you can easily make the connection with your mobile phone. To perform the setup of the 7490 Wi-Fi router, you need to complete the fritzbox login 7490 panel. Sans the login panel, you are not able to perform the setup.

Why is the Fritzbox 7490 5GHz network important?

If you wish to enjoy the high-speed Wi-Fi range in your home then, you need to configure the router. In the configuration of the router, you have to configure the network of the router. The 5GHz network of the Fritzbox Wi-Fi router offers incredible Wi-Fi speed in each corner of the home. With this network, you can stream HD videos continuously and also play gaming without lag. 

Thus, to enjoy the high speed in your home networking device, the 5GHz network of the Fritzbox router is most significant. 

Reasons: Fritzbox 7490 5GHz Not Working

If the 5GHz network of the Fritzbox 7490 Wi-Fi router is not working then the user is not able to get the benefits of the high-speed range. Because through the 5GHz network, you will be able to get the high-speed range. Here are some causes. 

  • Power fluctuations issue 
  • The firmware of the 7490 router is outdated 
  • Not configure the setting of the Fritzbox router
  • Configure the wrong Wi-F channel 

How to resolve the Fritzbox 7490 5GHz Not Working?

Through the below steps, you will be capable of resolving the 5GHz network not working error. 

Restart the Fritzbox 7490 router 

To fix the 5GHz network issue, you can restart the router. To restart the router, firstly, you have to switch off the power button of the power supply. Then, you have to disconnect the power cord from the port of the router. Now, you have to go to the 7490 router and locate the power button. You have to push this button for a few seconds. Now you have to leave the router in a cool area like this. After 30 minutes you have to plug the power cord into its port again. Then the router has to be switched on by pressing the power button.

Change the wireless channel 

By changing the channel, you can ingeniously resolve the 5GHz network issue. To change the wireless channel, primarily, you have to get the login panel with With the following login information, you have to log in. Then, you have to go to set up the wizard of the Fritzbox Wi-Fi router. On the setup wizard, you have to click the wireless setting. Under the wireless setting, you will notice the wireless channel, click on. Then, you will be able to change the channel. 

Verify the dual-band network setting 

The major issue might be the 5GHz network not working error. For this, you have to check the dual-band network setting. To check the dual-band setting, you have to visit the setup wizard. Because in the setup wizard of the router, the wireless setting option is available. Under the wireless setting, you will see the dual-band setting. In the dual-band setting, you have to ascertain the 5GHz network is disabled. If the 5GHz network is disabled then, you have to enable it. With the status section, you have to enable the 5GHz network. After that, you have to click the save section. 

Reset the Fritzbox router’s all setting 

To reset all settings of the Fritzbox Wi-Fi router, you can also resolve the 5GHz error. To reset all settings, you have to visit the Advanced setting. Because in the advanced setting you will find the reset setting option. To reset the setting, you have to click this option. Then, the confirm message notification pop-up. You have to click the OK section. Afterward, all settings will be reset. 

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